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Senator Kevin Matthews of District 11 said that over the past couple of months, he’s experienced significant transitions in his personal and family life that includes the pending murder trial of a family member that was killed on Super Bowl Sunday earlier this year.    

Campaign Press Release

“I am on the Ballot and continuing the fight for a different choice at the County Commission level.  I cannot quit, and people need to know they have a choice. If you are in Tulsa County District 1, you can vote for Kevin Matthews.” 

“This election, at every level, is the most important election of our life because those elected will draw the lines, and potentially continue the spiral backward that we have experienced because we have elected people with the same belief systems that have made us last in so many areas of our lives.” 

“These issues had taken a toll and had an effect on my health and wellbeing.”

“The well being of the entire community, the City, the County, and the State, rest on the choices we have in who holds the future at every level of Government.  If we don’t have options at the polls on November 6, the future of our children, our opportunity to be represented and have our voices heard, rest on every person getting out to vote and the choices we have. We cannot give this election away, at any level.  That is why I have to push forward and make sure that we have a strong voice for change. We cannot give this election or our future away without a fight. It is essential that every eligible person make an all-out effort to vote in this election.”

“Criminal Justice Reform and Incarceration Disparities, Crumbling Roads and Bridges, Education, including Vocational Education opportunities at all levels, as well as access to quality Healthcare, and equity in Government Contracts, are all on the Ballot November 6.  Overcoming adversity is not new to the people I represent or me.  Adversity propels us to our destiny. No matter what we have been through, we cannot quit. I have said before, that I am not new to this, but true to this, and I am asking you to tell every family member and friend to stand up with me, against the odds, and fill out those absentee ballots, vote early, and bring people to the polls.  Our future depends on the choices we have today!”

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