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Published 12/27/2018 | Reading Time 2 min 12 sec 

By Khalil Hakim, Contributing Writer

“Trump didn’t create this wave of racism in America; he’s just surfing it,” comedian David Chappelle once said. 

Well, here we are America — two years plus and knee-deep into the Trump-lead White House. An administration led by a man who has had three wives, five kids by three different women and an abortion by a mistress; furthermore, a house led by a man with no basic understanding of the Bible, is a casino owner, has had multiple failed businesses, and six to seven bankruptcies; but who’s counting, right? 

Even President Obama couldn’t be a school janitor with that resume, but here we are.

For all of the MAGA (Make America Great Again) mess, Trump’s bellicose behavior, towards Blacks and serial lying to all Americans, reveal: That a White supremacist and a pathological liar is just who he is. Since his presidency, there have been noticeable spikes in hate crimes.

For some strange reason, some mainstream media outlets have given the Trump presidency and its biased policies, credit for the rise in racist activity in the country.

Then to top it off, they have the audacity to compare Trump to Hitler as if Hitler and the Nazi Party created racism and hate for the other. 

The truth of the matter is: Hitler and the Nazi Party are more like Trump and that dark side of America, called white supremacy. 

Let me explain. 

On June 5, 1934, about a year and a half after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of the Reich, the leading lawyers of Nazi Germany gathered at a meeting to plan what would become the Nuremberg Laws, the notorious anti-Jewish legislation of the Nazi regime.

The meeting was attended by officials who in the coming years would play central roles in the persecution of Germany’s Jews.

When the Nazis set out to legally disenfranchise and discriminate against Jewish citizens, they didn’t just come up with these ideas out of thin air. 

Nazi lawyers, as a result of the ‘Jewish problem,’ were interested in and looked very closely at how America dealt with its ‘Negro problem.’ 

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Hence, the Nazis were ultimately influenced by the American legal color line, namely “Jim Crow.” 

You read that correctly.

The blueprint to the persecution was laid out in plain sight by an American framework.

James Whitman, the author of Hitler’s American Model, stated that “One of the most striking Nazi views was that Jim Crow was a suitable, racist program in the United States because American Blacks were already oppressed and poor.” 

The Nazi’s also looked to America to implement a system of determining who belonged to what group, allowing the Nazis to criminalize marriage and sex between Jewish and Aryan people.

In the end, the Nazi’s decided “that American racial classification law was much harsher than anything the Nazis themselves were willing to introduce in Germany.”

The sad reality is that the Nazis took a sustained, significant, and sometimes even eager interest in the American example in race law and used Jim Crow as the blueprint for the implementation of their, own, racist laws that inevitably lead to the Holocaust. 

So when you hear people say that Trump is just like Hitler. That’s like putting the cart before the horse.

But what can I say?



Khalil Hakim is a Tulsa transplant from New Jersey. He graduated from Trenton Central High School and joined the United States Air Force, where he served our country for 11 years. Khalil is a spoken word poet and is the host of INSIGHT2INCITE podcast on Podbean. He earned a Bachelors in Telecommunications at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he also pastored a church. Khalil is the founder of 4k Publishing and a staff writer at the Black Wall Street Times. However, what he’s most proud of is fathering his three precious girls: Tiara, Khalia and Kyndall, and grandfathering two handsome boys: Romario and Izaiah.

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