White Man delivers powerful blow to Black 11-year old girl’s face

by The Black Wall Street Times
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(Right) Mug shot of 51-year old David Steven Bell; (Left) Screenshot of Bell punching Black 11-year old girl.

BWTimes Staff

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Some grown White men can’t seem to keep their hands off younger Black women these days.

The latest attack on Black girls comes weeks after a young Black McDonald’s employee was physically assaulted by a White male, nearly twice her size.

In a mall in North Carolina, a 51-year old White man punched an 11-year old Black girl directly in the face.

The aggressive assault was caught on camera, causing outrage on social media.

Two other victims, both 13-year old Black girls said they were also physically assaulted by the 6ft 5, 250-pound White male, which can be seen in the video that we provided below.

The police have identified the White man as David Steven Bell, a North Carolina resident.

Although it is unclear what occurred before the assaults, it is clear that the three victims are minors.

Bell was arrested by an off-duty officer and charged with one count of assault on a female under 12 and two counts of assault on a female.

Although it is unclear in the video as to what led to such an aggressive punch to the 11-year old girl, some witnesses say that Bell reacted angrily to the minors only after being pushed by the little Black girls.

Bell had no previous dealings with the law and was released from the Asheville jail the next day.

Bell is expected in court on February 3 for the three charges against him and faces up to 450 days of jail time.

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