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TULSA, OK — Black Wall Street Gallery, a subsidiary of Black Wall Street Arts, will launch the sixth installment in the Conciliation Series on Friday, Feb. 1 at 6 p.m. Black Wall Street Gallery is located at 101 N. Greenwood.

The Black Wall Street Arts mission is to create platforms, grant access, and bridge the racial gap in Tulsa.

The Conciliation Series February installment features Christina Henley and Western Doughty.

February Western
Western Doughty

The work of Western Doughty is a series of studies in vivid contrasts and unseen beauty which hearken back to his childhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where gender, race, and class struggles impacted him profoundly. Also raised in the world of art and photography, he first began shooting images for his father’s company as early as nine years old. “I draw from anything I see that leaves a profound impression. Gaylord Oscar Herron, Larry Clark, Robert Mapplethorpe, Francesca Woodman, David Lynch, Andrei Tarkovsky, James Baldwin and Akira Kurosawa are all significant to me in that I could relate to them. Each has, in different ways, enabled me to see that my own struggles with the world around me can be incorporated into my art.” Western Doughty’s professional photography career has spanned twenty years of gallery, portraiture, advertising, and commissions.

February Tina
Christina Henley

From her early childhood experiences in the arts by performing in school plays, to singing in the choir, Christina Henley took more of an interest in exploring the arts after graduating from high school. Deciding to pursue a higher education, Christina attended Tulsa Community College, and received an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts. She then transferred to Oklahoma State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, with an emphasis in printmaking and sculpture. Currently, Christina resides in Tulsa, OK where she was born and raised and is a member of the Tulsa-based arts group, Black Moon Collective.

Curator Dr. Ricco Wright said “Conciliation” suggests mediating between parties at odds with one another. It also allows space for acknowledgment, apology, and reparation.

“The Conciliation Series seeks to generate positive relations between, primarily, Tulsa’s black and white communities. Our shared history evidences the imperative of working collaboratively toward amicable, productive, and sustainable engagement,” he said.

This twelve-month series will pair black and white artists of various media to build personal and group relationships that cultivate meaningful, lasting bonds.


February: Christina Henley and Western Doughty

March: Stacie Monday and Marjorie Atwood

April: nosamyrag and Austin Gober

May: MOLLYWATTA and Matt Phipps

June: Tailynn Tindall and Taylor Painter-Wolfe

July: Boomintree and Cheyenne Butcher

August: Melody Allen and Julianne Clark


September: Alexander Tamahn and JP Morrison Lans

October: Monarch Jones and Andrea Martin

November: Diamond Walker and Laura Elisabeth Voth

December: Abdallah Alislam and Frida Cornelio

January: Elizabeth Feahther Henley and Nicole Donis


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