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Racist spray paint message found outside Oklahoma Democratic HQ

By: Nate Morris, senior editor

“White men have built this civilization,” the letter read, “white men have been and still are the backbone.  You women and ni**ers know this. You Jews know this… I would be very scared”.

The letter, written in red marker, was found outside the Oklahoma Democratic Party HQ in Oklahoma City, surrounded by spray-painted swastikas, Nazi propaganda, ethnic and homophobic slurs covering the sidewalk, parking lot and windows of the building.

The incident, which apparently occurred overnight, has sparked immediate outrage on both sides of the political spectrum.

According to the Tulsa World, Governor Stitt (R) called the crime “abhorrent” and former Governor David Walters (D), who owns the building called it “shocking,” saying “I hope the perpetrator is brought to justice.”

Police are investigating the incident as party leaders ask for help with the clean-up effort.

The disturbing letter also contained threats against the life of former president Barack Obama, with a picture of the president’s face smeared with red ink and the words “Obama ‘Weimar Republic’ Ni**er will be lampshaded, hanged”.

Letter found outside Oklahoma Democratic Party Headquarters

The ‘Weimar Republic’, referenced multiple times in both the letter and the graffiti, refers to the system of government in place in Germany after World War I and before Hitler seized control.   It was the period of historic German government Nazis sought to destroy through dictatorship and genocide.

The writing went on to deny the Holocaust, calling it a “holo-hoax”, while simultaneously issuing what seemed to be a threat to Democrats, all people of color, Jewish Oklahomans and the LGBTQ+ community alike:

There is going to be a retaliation by the white elite.  It is not going to be nice.  They will not be playing nice. Things are going to get very “German” and SS [referring to the Nazi party].

You will notice subtle changes very, very soon.  It is possible that you are noticing right now… I would be very scared.

This threat was reiterated in the spray paint, with the messages “gas the Jews” and “white planet only, gas the rest”.

The author then praised President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, writing “Trump, Pence, Hitler 2020” in the top right corner next to a large swastika.

The Oklahoma Democratic Party said in a Facebook post it is “devastated” by the “cowardly” attack.  It called on the larger community to continue to “come together to denounce hate and bigotry”.

At the release of this article, no public statement had been made on the Oklahoma Republican Party’s social media pages. We will update when a statement is made publicly available.

To learn more about this history of the Holocaust, genocide and the dangers of hate speech, click the following links to visit the National Holocaust Memorial Museum (USA) or the Museum of Memory and Tolerance (MEX).

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  1. What’s shown on the pic looks like projection. Most hate-filled rhetoric is coming from sjws who are so blinded to see they are the ones who actually inflict physical and verbal abuse, rip hats out of people’s heads who hold to dissenting views. Time to look in the mirror.

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