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PUBLISHED 04/21/2019

By BWSTimes Staff

Sir Lanka, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, experienced three different explosions on Easter Sunday in the cities of Negombo, Batticaloa, and Colombo. 

Officials believe Easter Sunday Worshipers were the targets of these terror attacks.

Explosions were reported at 3 different churches and two high-end hotels across the country, resulting in multiple casualties.

The nation-state reports 7 explosions seemingly strategic attacks in total.

The death toll has risen to 140. There are 560 reported injuries. 

The Sri Lanka government has enforced martial law in the country. Citizens are to remain inside their homes from 6 pm to 6 am their local time.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said, “I strongly condemn the cowardly attacks on our people today. I call upon all Sri Lankans during this tragic time to remain united and strong,” and to “Please avoid propagating unverified reports and speculation. The government is taking immediate steps to contain this situation,” in a twitter post.  

In addition, the government has also placed a temporary block on all forms of social media networks in their country.

It is unverifiable if the citizens received Prime Minister’s Wickremesinghe tweet. 

No group has claimed responsibility for the deadly events.

The attacks began around 8:45 a.m., in the city of Negombo at St. Sebastian’s Church.

Worshipers immediately began notifying other congregations; some were able to escape separate explosions, while the bombs claimed the lives of others. 

As smoke billowed from the church doors, windows, and shattered rooftops, witnesses described scenes of chaos and confusion while people worked on the wounded amid the debris and rivers of blood.

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