Month: May 2019

Viral post on 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre reaches 127k shares

Regardless of where you live, it’s incumbent upon us ― especially white people, who benefit from the same system that allowed this attack to occur, protected its perpetrators from legal action, precluded its victims from receiving compensation, and hid it from view of the masses for generations ― to seek out the stories that have been purposefully hidden or misrepresented in order to continue perpetuating false, placated narratives of our country’s true past.

Okla. historian, Hannibal Johnson, gives annotation of 1921 Tulsa Chamber meeting minutes

The white supremacist dynamic at play in these remarks was emblematic of the national scene in 1921. Indeed, sociologists and historians refer to this period in our history as “the nadir of race relations in America.” This was the era of a proliferation of “race riots” – more than 25 in 1919 alone – and lynchings – domestic terrorism – perpetrated primarily against African Americans.