As Oklahoma reels from flooding and tornadoes, some House Republicans continue to block disaster relief funds

by The Black Wall Street Times
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By: Nate Morris

A $19 Billion funding package to support recovery efforts for multiple disasters which have struck the country over the last several years has failed to pass the US House of Representatives for the second time.

According to various news sources, three representatives have stepped up to object to the passage of the relief funds in two separate rounds.

The hard-fought package, which passed the United States Senate in an 85-8 vote and has the support of Congressional Republican leadership, does not include funding for increased border security; an original demand from President Trump before he was forced to back away from it.

Two of the Republicans who have blocked passage in the house have called for a roll-call vote in order to pass the funding and indicated that the $19B price tag was too much for them to stomach.

Another, Representative Chip Roy of central Texas, blocked disaster aid to support Americans in his and other states/territories around the country because it did not include the president’s desired funding for border security.

As flooding and severe storms continue to pummel Oklahoma and areas across the country in what the American Red Cross is calling an “unprecedented” weather event, Democrats pledge to push relief funding through in the coming days.


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