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By BWSTimes Staff 

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TULSA, Okla. — Isaiah Lewis is the latest unarmed black American to become a victim at the hands of a police officer. The black teen was shot on Monday afternoon in Edmond, Oklahoma – an Oklahoma City suburb.

Isaiah was 17-years-old and was scheduled to graduate May 18th.

Kamri Pollock — a white girl — claiming to be Isaiah’s girlfriend, ran to a neighbors house with another female friend. That neighbor called 911. The 911 operator heard Kamri say, “My boyfriend just flipped out,” and “I have no idea what is going on.”

Isaiah’s mom, Vicki Lewis, stated that she nor any of her family members have met the young woman claiming to be Isaiah’s girlfriend.

Ms. Lewis already claims the media and police are smearing Isaiah’s character as to justify the police shooting of her son.

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Kamri also told police that drugs weren’t involved. Edmond police officers later found drugs on the scene.

Police officers say that they saw Isaiah run behind homes and jumped a few fences. They said the teen wasn’t wearing any clothes on the exception of socks. They also claim that they saw Isaiah tossing drugs over fences.

Emond police eventually located Isaiah in a nearby house.

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The officers said that the black teen viciously attacked them. One officer tased Isaiah and said that his taser didn’t work on the teen.

Officer Milo Box, 56, and Officer Denton Scherman, 24, weren’t wearing bodycams during the shooting of Isaiah.

The BWSTimes is in contact with individuals who are closest to the situation. We, therefore, plan to unfold this developing story as we continue to receive information from those most proximate. And we encourage you to keep the Lewis family in your payers.

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