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Published 06/06/2019 | Reading Time 1 min 8 sec

By BWSTimes

We all know that kids say the darndest things.

And as adults, we’re often provoked to laughter even when the situation is quite serious — like the time little Rodney Small, age 4, had to call out stink feet Becky (a name we’re giving her).

At just 4-years-old, Rodney had enough sense to know that stinky feet Becky shouldn’t have had her bare feet on his armrest.

Darryl and his son Rodney had just taken their seats on the plane after enjoying a few days a Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Things, however, got interesting pretty quickly when Rodney noticed that a barefoot was mounted on his armrest and resting in close proximity to where he’d soon rest his sweet little head.

Let’s just say: He wasn’t havin’ it.

At the inkling of knowing it was about to go down, Rodney’s dad Darryl began recording.

He was shocked to find a white woman sitting unapologetically with her feet propped at the head of his armrest.

“There’s stinky feet behind me,” Rodney said, concerningly. Rodney tilted his head and directed his adorable hazel eyes toward the source of the stinky feet.

“It’s a lady!” he added.

Dad snickered and continued to record.

Rodney, clearly annoyed by the grown woman’s bare toes cramping his space, called Becky out.

“Why do you have your feet behind me?”

At the 4-year-old’s protest, the lady quickly removed her feet and apologized.

“Knowing his spontaneous attitude, there’s no telling what we’re going to get from him so for me, like Snapchat and everything, I always have the camera rolling,” Darryl explained to ABC13.

“I turned around so her feet could get off my seat,” Rodney explained.

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