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Sarah Gibson, 26, Pete Gibson 27, and their lovely family.

Editor’s Note: The Black Wall Street Times was notified about an incident that took place between the Catoosa Police Department and the Gibson family. Sarah Gibson explained a horrifying encounter that unfolded between her and the Catoosa Police Department via a Facebook post. She informed us that the traumatic incident took place Sunday, June 9, 2019, at 3:30 pm in Catoosa, Oklahoma. 

Published 06/10/2019

Sarah Gibson Account of Police Brutality: 

The worst most unimaginable thing happened to me and Pete this evening, and I am heartbroken and very traumatized.

We were racially profiled. ????

We were heading to my mom’s house this evening, with all four of the kids, when an officer started to pull me over. 

I stopped on the left side of the road and did exactly what my daddy has always taught me to do.

I put my wallet on the dash and both my hands on the steering wheel.

I looked in my side view mirror and seen the officer had his gun drawn.

I looked at Pete and said oh shit. Babe, he has a gun!

At this point, the officer is yelling.“GET THE F*CK OUT THE CAR!”

So, I got out with my hands up, in the air, fearing for my life.

At this point, he puts his gun away, rushes up to me, puts me in cuffs and slams me on the front of the cop car.

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Pete, freaking out, gets out the car. The officer gets on his knees drawing his gun at him, screaming: “I’ll blow your f*cking brains out!”

I pissed all over myself.

Pete was trying to ask what was going on, and the second officer cuffed him and kept yelling at me to Get your f*cking husband to shut up, or you’ll be a widow tonight.”

So, I started hysterically cry[ing], begging Pete to shut up and just be quiet and the entire time this is going on the other cop still has his gun drawn on him.

I can hear all my kids screaming and crying from the car. They witnessed it all! They didn’t believe Pete was my husband because I wasn’t wearing my ring due to my hands being swollen.

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He kept yelling at me: WHAT ARE YOU?”

I told him, “I’m mixed”.

He screamed in my face, “WHAT ARE YOU?” 

I said, “I’m mixed!” And he ran my license.

While that was happening the other cop was in Pete’s face saying “shut the f*ck up do you want your wife to be a widow? You don’t know what I’ll do to you boy,” snatched his hat off him and jacked his arms way up behind his back. Neither of us could get a word in edgewise wise.

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The other officer get[s] back out and said: “It’s the wrong female. What do you want to do with them?!” And they uncuffed us and let us go.

They said our car matched a description of a kidnapping.

I’m at the hospital now having my [unborn] baby checked. I’m so hurt. I don’t know what I can do.

Advice, please.

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