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Published 07/ 06/19 | Reading Time 1 minute 25 seconds

By BWSTimes Staff

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa Parks Director, and former city councilor, Anna America surveyed area parks the day after 4th of July celebrations. To her dissatisfaction over how some Tulsans left the parks, shells of what were fireworks, she concernedly took to Facebook.


Courtesy of Tulsa Parks Director Anna America

“I love that people enjoy spending time in our parks, and I love that thousands came out to a park to enjoy Fourth of July celebrations last night. Not so crazy about the fact that a lot of people violate fireworks ordinances, but hey, I know it happens. However, really wish when people do come out to enjoy one of our parks, they wouldn’t leave a mess like this. Obviously, this (at Johnson Park) is going to make it tough for others to enjoy this park at all until we get it cleaned up, and with a limited crew and lots of parks, it’s going to take a while before we get to all of the parks where Tulsans partied last night. And if anyone’s looking for a nice volunteer project in the next few days, come on out. We can use your help!”

Tulsa Police Officer Donnie Ray Johnson saw Director America on the news and gathered a few kids and community members near the neighborhood park to help clean.

Within a few hours, the officer and community had cleaned the entire park’s parking lot. 


TPD Officer Donnie Ray Johnson with youth volunteers | Courtesy of Officer Johnson 

“This was all the trash we collected from the fireworks show at Johnson Park yesterday. We spent 2 hours cleaning the parking lot. It takes a village. Love these kids.” Johnson said, sharing pictures in a social media post.

Director America was thankful to see Tulsans, living near the park, step up and re-beautify Johnson Park again.

The parks director said that she was concerned that it may take a few days for the Tulsa Parks’ clean-up crew to get to all of the locations and was seemingly relieved by the volunteers that Officer Johnson had assembled. 


Tulsa Fox23 News Anchor, Amber Hughes with youth volunteers | Courtesy of Tulsa Parks Director Anna America 

“Absolutely awesome, and absolutely made my day. I’ll admit, I got a little choked up when she sent me these pictures,” speaking about Amber Hughes a local reporter from FOX23 news who interviewed Director America earlier that day.

“Always good to get a reminder that if you give them the opportunity, people can really rock!” Director America added. 


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