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Xavier Usanga was 8-year-old

By BWSTimes Staff

Xavier Usanga, an 8-year-old in St. Louis, Missouri, was excited about his first day as a second-grader at Clay Elementary School in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

Xavier was innocently playing in his family’s backyard with his two older sisters, Trinity 11 and Angel 12 when bullets pierced through the fence striking an 18-year-old and Xavier.

Xavier was struck in the neck by one of the flying bullets. His sisters, immediately rushing to his side, tried saving him, his blood staining his sister clothing.

The 18-year-old survived, Xavier didn’t.

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A neighbor told local police she heard two sets of shots. First six, then another six, making a total of 12 shots total.

Xavier’s sisters said their brother was struck in the neck during the second series.

Police nearby, arriving before the paramedics, rushed the 8-year-old to the nearest hospital where he later died.

Brandon Frazier-Bosley, Xavier’s mentor, took to Facebook to express his frustration over the senseless death of his young mentee.

A crisis team has been sent to Xavier’s school to console his friends, classmates, teachers, and staff members. 

This is not what you want to do on your first day of school,” he said. 

This latest loss of life undoubtedly speaks to America’s gun problem. 

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