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Screenshot of Grand Abaco Island in the Bahamas

Published 09/01/19 

By BWSTimes Staff

A Category 5 hurricane struck the Commonwealth of the Bahamas at 12:40 p.m. on a Sunday with catastrophic wind guest between 185 to 220 mph and a storm surge as high as 23 feet.

Photos and video footage of snapped trees, destroyed homes and business are beginning to flood social media. Entire communities have been inundated with rising stormwater.

The eye of the hurricane was so well-formed that sunlight beamed through its center, onto Grand Abaco Island moments before the backside of the storm, its most destructive side, intimidatingly roared and violently slammed its might through the islands’ coastal towns.

The Bahamas are not made of simply resorts.

Towns like Freeport in the path of the storm are home to 55,000 people – with schools and neighborhoods and businesses – all now facing 185 mph winds, flooding rains and record storm surge.

Storm chasers reported seeing plywood, used to protect windows, become flying projected missiles — having been pried off by the high winds.

It’s the “strongest hurricane in modern-record for the northwest Bahamas,” according to the National Hurricane Center.

Climatologist believe hurricanes in the Atlantic will continue to intensify as the planet continues on its global warming trend.

Climate change is killing people.

Climate change is destroying communities. Humankind is responsible for combatting it and helping those most affected.

The majority-black island nation is devastated due to Dorian’s unforgiving power and will be in need of aid. No word on whether the White House will send aid to the Bahamas. 

A Global Relief Fund has set up a donation drive to ensure locals receive the aid needed to rebuild after this horrific atmospheric event. 

According to its website, “The fund will provide relief to people impacted by Hurricane Dorian’s storm system in the form of emergency supplies like food, water, and medicine, in addition to longer-term recovery assistance to help residents recover and rebuild. All donations to this fund will exclusively support relief and recovery efforts in areas impacted by this storm.”

The Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund has received 2 million thus far in donations and seeks to raise another 2 million. 

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