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Published 04/19/2020 | Reading Time 3 min 59 sec

TULSA, Okla. — Jerry Goodwin, a candidate for District 1 Tulsa City Council, dropped his first campaign commercial over the weekend. The video is packed with energetic beats and movements to the song “Take It,” produced by Hip Hop artist The Siege. 

The videography is stunning and elegantly highlights north Tulsa’s culture. From scenes of men hooping at the basketball court to little kids freestyle dancing in their neighborhoods, the essence of the community was brilliantly captured on film. It even features Goodwin in sneaks shooting his shot on the court.

“It’s our time. Our community has gone too long without access to what so many other districts have and receive. We need leadership that can forge relationships across the city and rebuild our community to serve all of its residents. I plan to do that when elected to City Council for District 1,” said Goodwin back in February when he announced the launching of his second run for Dist 1 City Council.

Goodwin has a history of professionalism and leadership in Tulsa. He is currently an assistant professor in journalism, communications and business at Tulsa Community College. He is a former adjunct professor in marketing at the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and Research at Langston University-Tulsa. He has been a college professor for 20 years.

In business, he serves as director of communications for Morton Comprehensive Health Services. He oversees public relations and community engagement for the largest community health care system in northeastern Oklahoma. 


Additionally, he is president of Goodwin & Grant, a public relations and diversity communications company, founded in 2000. The firm has represented a broad base of clients including American Airlines, Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Oklahoma Centennial Commission and Public Service Company of Oklahoma, and former professional athletes, including John Starks and R.W. McQuarters among other corporations, organizations and individuals. 

Prior to his current positions, Goodwin served as assistant to the publishers at The Oklahoma Eagle newspaper for 15 years.

As a community volunteer for more than 30 years, Goodwin has served on a variety of national and local boards and commissions. He currently is board secretary for the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission. He also is a board member of the City of Tulsa/Rogers County Port of Catoosa, where he has served for 25 years. Goodwin is the first African American to be appointed and the youngest to be named to the board.

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As a member of the City Council, one of Goodwin’s key goals will be to boost economic development within Tulsa’s historic Greenwood District. Goodwin’s “It’s our time” philosophy aims to further connect the district by unifying the interests of various business interests in the area, such as the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce and the Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce.

“Business, religious and non-profit communities within the district are not united to build a common agenda for the community. There is disunity because our leadership believes in disharmony and disruption rather than working toward togetherness and unity,” Goodwin explained.

District 1 City Council Elections are Tuesday, August 25, 2020. The last day to register to vote in this election is July 25.

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