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TULSA, Okla. — Racist anti-mask protestors, many wearing Trump 2020 gear and holding Trump 2020 signs, accosted Rev. Dr. Robert R.A. Turner while he was protesting for reparations at Tulsa City Hall. 

Every Wednesday at 4:30 PM since Sept. 12, 2018, Pastor Turner stands outside of city hall to protest for repentance and reparations for the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. After arriving at his usual time with Vernon AME church treasurer Brother Fred Freeman, anti-mask protestors began verbally attacking the men – using racial slurs, calling them ‘boy,’ demanding they remove their masks, calling Pastor Turner a false prophet, and pulling out one-dollar bills asking “is that what you want?” Pastor Turner and Brother Freeman were later joined by Cleo Harris, Jr., who was also verbally assaulted by the unruly mob. 

While being screamed at and having his arm pulled relentlessly by two white women, Pastor Turner was then assaulted by a white man who threw a bottle of water on him. That same man is later shown on video screaming in Pastor Turner’s ear. 

Despite the vile racism these men endured, they will return to protest for repentance and reparations for their community next Wednesday – as they have for years. 

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Racist anti-mask protesters accosting Rev. Dr. Robert Turner of Vernon AME Church.

Pastor Turner had the following message in response to racist assault on his faith, his message, and his person today:

“I went to city hall today, as I have every Wednesday for years, to call for repentance and reparations. Today, I felt emotions that were unlike anything I have ever known. My very presence was the catalyst for an onslaught of anger and hate from my fellow children of God. I now have a deeper sympathy for civil rights activists like Vivian Malone, James Meredith, The Little Rock Nine, and countless others. Today, people shouted ‘USA’ at us as though it was an attack – as though the United States was no place for Black men seeking justice. 

“It is a sad day in Tulsa, but I will not be deterred in this fight. By God as my helper, I will endure this fiery furnace, and we as a people will make it to the promised land. Our people will know justice. 

“The racism that destroyed Black Wall Street in 1921 is alive and well in 2020. I have never, in person, seen mobs so filled with hate as I did today. I hope our city leaders will stand-up and repudiate the racist attacks we endured today on the steps of city hall.”

Attached are images of anti-mask protestors who verbally and physically attacked Pastor Turner. The man depicted screaming in Pastor Turner’s ear is the white man who assaulted him with a bottle of water.

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