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By BWSTimes Staff 

Did y’all see papa Ken get his racist, triflin’ *ss punched in a convenience store on Instagram? LOL! The “you got knock the f*ck out” — in my Chris Tucker from Friday’s voice — video has reached viral status on social media.

Papa Ken seemingly had a flashback to those “Make America Great Again” Jim Crow days and got bumped in the gums; well, more like sucker-punched — Deboo style. 

The physical altercation began when Ken spoke disrespectfully to a Black king, who was standing just a few feet shy of him. 

“What you gon’ do? What you gon’ do, BOY?” the short-statured elderly White man said to a young Black man, adding, “What you gon’ do with everybody here, man? What you gon’ do?” 

The Black man appeared to be walking away, but Ken was on a power trip and continued provoking him. 

Feeling emboldened, probably by Trump, he kept at it, raising his voice and stepping closer.

“Get your ass up there and…” 

The video’s sound becomes INAUDIBLE ????

Before Ken can even finish his hate-filled rhetoric, the video begins playing in slow motion. 

BLOP!!! ????

With a twinkling of an eye, a Black Jesus had instantly raptured gum-bumpin’ Ken into a temporary coma, knocking his Elmer Fudd hat clean off of his head. 

The force from the king’s punch to Ken’s face thrust Ken into the fruit stand and then to the floor, where he received a few more blows to the jaw.

Other customers can be visibly seen gettin’ the hell out the way. ????????????

The lesson learned: This is what happens to White folks who casually think they can pop off at the mouth just because Trump says it’s okay. White folks are liable to GET THAT *ss decked in the mouth — Black Panther.

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