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An Extensive Survey of North Tulsa and its Vibrant History

TULSA, Okla. — As we rapidly approach the centennial of the most devastating act of racial terror in our nation’s history, the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, the need for an in-depth analysis of the key players, events, and motivations that led to it, especially during this turbulent time, is more important than ever.

The Tulsa Star in partnership with the Center for Public Secrets will be hosting a collection of exhibitions called the Victory of Greenwood Series delving into the complex history of North Tulsa from the earlier parts of the 20th Century to the modern-day.

Timantha Norman, Executive Editor of the Tulsa Star, the curator of the series and North Tulsa native, believes that it is incredibly important that those directly tied to the legacy of Greenwood should be leading the charge when it comes to efforts to commemorate the difficult history. “This series is ultimately about reclaiming the narrative, providing people with the unsanitized version of this unseen history, and making it known that North Tulsa’s collective story does not begin and end with despair and destruction.”

Traci Chapman, Executive Director of the Center for Public Secrets, believes that this particular series is perfectly in line with their ambitious mission and vision: “The Center for Public Secrets was created to be a platform for truth. The history and ongoing injustices related to Greenwood are exactly the kinds of stories we will be bringing to the public in the future.”

The Victory of Greenwood Series will consist of four installations with the first beginning November 13th and running through December 6th at the Center for Public Secrets, located at 573 S. Peoria Ave. Appropriate social distancing measures, mask enforcement and an attendance cap will be in place.

The Tulsa Star’s primary goal is to continue the crucial work that the original Tulsa Star began over 100 years ago: providing truth-centered, justice-oriented investigative journalism aimed at highlighting the issues and concerns to the global Black diaspora. To learn more about the publication, please visit

The Center for Public Secrets is committed to bringing you the hidden stories of Tulsa, Oklahoma and beyond through immersive experiences, community events, and public forums curated by local artists, journalists, and community leaders. To learn more about the Center’s work, please visit

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