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Oklahoma Representative Markwayne Mullin, seen here in a white collard shirt as pro-Trump rioters engage in a standoff with Capitol police on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.

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Oklahoma Representative Markwayne Mullin has a message for everyone: “We are all to blame” for the violent insurrection that occurred Tuesday, immediately after Trump held a rally in D.C. inviting his supporters to march to the Capitol in protest of the results of the 2020 election, which he lost.

Rep. Mullin, a longtime supporter of Trump, was in the Capitol as a member of the elected GOP politicians who also opposed President-elect Joe Biden’s Constitutionally-valid victory. The results of the election, which was held more than two months ago, have been legally upheld by over 80 courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States, where three Trump-nominated justices sit. 

Mr. Mullin, who has been in public politics for nearly 40 years, absolved Trump of any responsibility for the violent insurrection on the Capitol, which ended in 5 deaths, including a police officer. When asked about Trump’s milquetoast statement hours after the riot began, during which he told his supporters that he understood their anger and that he “loved them,” Mullin claimed not to have seen the message.

Of the violent insurrectionists, 80 of whom have been arrested on a variety of federal crimes, the Congressman echoed, “I love them, too” that he “had a hard time believing the rioters are actual, true Trump supporters.” Pictures flooding social media include the rioters proudly displaying pro-Trump flags and signs as they desecrated the Capitol and attacked law enforcement officers.

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