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We were four years in hell.
A white supremacist was handed the keys to the world’s most powerful position by a White Christian majority. Fears of White power being neutralized was their implicit motivation to vote irrationally: for a man who never held public office a day in his life.
Born of women, they proposed a misogynist be a President. They grumbled at the idea concerning the removal of Confederate monuments while proclaiming to be Lincoln’s party.
They voted to persevere human life and did so without wearing masks during a deadly global airborne pandemic that even claimed the lives of their family members.
A White Christian majority ushered in the World’s Hitler of the era who publicly toyed radical ideas of being president in perpetuity. They waved his treasonist flags as if adopted by this nation’s founding fathers and did it while wearing a religious symbol: the cross.
Like their ancestors, they apathetically and knowing spread disease to first nation peoples. They did so without giving an apology or a damn. Their inability to simply think, clouded by their fears and white pride, cost the lives of 400,000 Americans of every color.
Like their ancestors, they prayed to their white Jesus and employed their overseers dressed in blue to beat us and even end our Black lives.
Like their ancestors, they embraced the notion that only White men are fit to lead. The evidence? They gave Barack bananas, called Hillary a b*tch, and Joe a ‘n*gger lover. They said it with their votes.
A White Christian majority gave agency to violence and vitriol.
This is who they are.
This is who we are.
This is America, a nation that has yet to deal with the ugliness that still dwells within.
As the sun sets on this bellicose president, may we not slip into amnesia and forget what was seen beneath the veil during the 45th Presidential Administration. May we remember the Whitelash that came after a Black man became president of a White majority Christian nation; and may we not be optimistic about it coming again.
It came after emancipation. It came after reconstruction. It came after Jim Crow. It came after Civil Rights. It came after Barack. And it will come after the Biden-Harris Administration.
The whitelash will come again unless we have the will to identify and put an end to white supremacy.
It took four years to fan 400 years of racial hatred into raging flames. It took four years to kill 400,000 Americans and destabilize a growing economy.
In the end, a White Christian majority mob attacked the Capitol, a building built by the hands of enslaved people. A White Christian majority attacked the very institution it designed, an effort to change the rules to preserve its ?existence.
This time their hypocrisy was caught on film.
Their embarrassment would be the consequence of their Whitelash.

Publisher’s Note: It’s important to understand that the Christian faith isn’t what’s under attack, but a racial reckoning that seeks to target the racists who hide their fears and self-interests behind the Christian faith. 

Nehemiah D. Frank is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Black Wall Street Times and a descendant of two families that survived the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Although his publication’s store and newsroom...