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WASHINGTON, DC – Five days after a defeated Trump boarded Air Force One to become a one-term president, a grassroots effort is underway to continue the President’s influence over politics for the foreseeable future.

According to official documents, the “MAGA Patriot Party” filed its organization statement with the Federal Elections Commission Monday at 10:04 am EST.

This new political entity, apparently headquartered in San Antonio, TX, was created by James (Jim) Davis, a Florida native who identifies as a “former Republican.”

In an exclusive interview with The Black Wall Street Times, Davis stated that he hopes the formation of a new political party will give Trump supporters “more control” over state legislatures and the US Congress.

The burgeoning push for a new political party as an alternative to mainstream Republicans has reached a fever-pitch after the January 6th coup attempt when violent and deadly efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election failed.

Asked whether he believed the election itself was “unfair,” Davis (an ex-Marine) stated, “whether it’s true or not, it’s the way we feel.” He says that he and his colleagues who formally created this new political party “feel like Democrats controlled polling areas and there wasn’t enough transparency.”

He says that the MAGA Patriot Party, comprised of disillusioned Republicans and Libertarians, has a straightforward platform of “pro-Donald Trump policies.” Including what he called “election security”, campaign finance reform, implementing line-item veto power, and “taking power away from the Federal government, giving it back to the state and local governments”.

Most election laws and procedures are already decided at a state and local level.

The BWST asked Davis about the seemingly conflicting interest of his party’s efforts to restrict ballot access under the guise of “election security” with the ongoing push for expansion of ballot access as a civil right.

Davis stated that, while his party does not have an official stance on efforts like the John Lewis Voting Rights bill, they advocate for strengthened verification efforts for mail-in/absentee ballots and for “cleaning up voter rolls”. According to Davis, the party does call for an expansion of neighborhood drop-off boxes for mail-in ballots.

The MAGA Patriot Party does not have an official website or any significant business endorsements, though Davis believes such endorsements are on the way. He stated that they already have two candidates for United States Congress ready to announce their bids for office with the party.

The MAGA Patriot Party is not directly associated with Donald Trump for President, Inc. Still, their FEC filings indicate that their funds raised will be shared with the former President’s campaign.

Davis said they have reached out to Donald Trump, Jr. but have not yet heard back.

Nearly all of the almost 60 court cases, filed by the Trump campaign after Election Day, were dismissed in federal courts for lack of standing. The FBI and the Department of Justice have stated that there is no legitimate evidence of widespread voter fraud. Social media platforms have taken steps to take down posts spreading election misinformation.

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