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The House of Representatives voted late Thursday on a resolution to strip Q-Anon conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Greene (R-GA) of her House committee assignments following the uncovering of her anti-Semitic, murderous, neo-Nazi sympathizing comments and beliefs. 

The resolution passed mostly along party lines, with 11 Republican representatives bucking their party’s alignment with the deranged extremist Q-Anon ideology.

All five of Oklahoma’s congressional delegation chose to support the freshman legislator – all but personally endorsing the conspiracies that are rooted in a raw hatred of Jewish people. This move comes just weeks after Rep. Kevin Hern (R-Tulsa), Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Westville), Rep. Stephanie Bice (R-Oklahoma City), Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Cheyanne) and Rep. Tom Cole (R-Moore) attempted to throw out the votes of millions of Black and Brown voters in an attempt to subvert democracy and steal the presidential election. 

Hern, who represents Oklahoma’s 1st congressional district, currently sits on the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission, although it is the understanding of The Black Wall Street Times staff that he has not been an active member or attended any meetings. Hern, dubbed Oklahoma’s McCongressman by independent media outlet The Frontier, owns several McDonald’s franchises. After advocating for these types of businesses to be eligible to receive funding from the CARES Act in the form of Payroll Protection Program loans, Hern went on to collect between $1 million and $2 million from the program. Financial disclosures from 2018 show that Hern claims to hold between $38.7 million and $92.9 million in personal assets. 

Bice represents Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district. She represents a district where approximately 43% of the population are classified as members of a minority group. She has used her short tenure in Congress to repeatedly attempt to disenfranchise the very populations who make up nearly half of her district. 

Mullin represents Oklahoma’s 2nd congressional district and is the owner of the chain Mullin Plumbing. Mullin was recently filmed laughing and socializing with Greene while refusing to wear a mask during the insurrection at the Capitol. Mullin, an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation, has previously called the brutal death march of Indigenous peoples from the South to present-day Oklahoma as a “voluntary walk.” Now, despite a federal moratorium on evictions imposed by the CDC, his companies are reportedly attempting to evict renters in the midst of a deadly global pandemic. These companies are Mullin Properties and TCF Investments – managed by he and his spouse Christie Mullin. 

Lucas represents Oklahoma’s 3rd congressional district. Along with his fellow Republican representatives, Lucas has been a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump – stumping as a surrogate for Trump on the campaign trail. 

Cole represents Oklahoma’s 4th congressional district. He recently made headlines when he was pressured to relinquish his honorary degree from Grinnell College after students circulated a petition calling for the university to strip him of it. Cole has given several speeches claiming the House Democrats were engaging in divisive behavior by holding Trump accountable for illegal and immoral behavior. It is clear he does not see the irony in this.

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  1. It’s “OK,” isn’t it, guys – here in the land of the free and home of the brave – if we “ask questions?”

    I mean – even DEMOCRATS are “free to ask questions,” aren’t they?

    You figure the Rothschilds, et al, are semites?

    Ever heard the term “ashkenazi?” “Khazar?”

    So, uh, if I spend generations controlling your nation and your government from behind a protective, teflon wall of vague, speculative, carefully-appropriated-and-cultivated popular religio-mythology – endlessly manipulating and controlling its currency, its religion and the actual value of its wealth – and you say, “hey, wait a minute – you’re a bad guy” – is that “prejudice” or just “acknowledging reality?” And if you DON’T so recognize me, or are afraid to do so publicly — and I just keep on doing what I’ve always done to your government and your nation and its wealth – are you and your nation actually free, independent and secure? (And – especially – is your GOVERNMENT, whose often-perpetual-denizens have been allowed to rule by accepting kickback from its real controllers, even “yours?”)

    Meanwhile – are Arabs not actually semitic – which is to say “blood descendents of Noah’s son Shem?” The actual, semitic Jews of Jesus of Nazareth’s time regularly, even rigidly-ceremonially, traced their blood lineage back to its actual origin. Can the Jewish people of today PROVE their bloodlines as the Jews of Jesus’ time customarily and religiously did?
    If I’m actually eastern European, occupying some plot of ground in the Middle East which a bunch of equally-manipulative Western politicians gave me to get me out of their hair – and, all-the-while, endlessly rousting and jerking Arabs around on their own native ground – am I “anti-semetic?” (Imagine Andrew Jackson changing the entire tone of the “Trail of Tears” by claiming God told him Oklahoma was “The Holy Land.” Pretty clever, huh?)

    Even the most earth-shaking answers will mean little to those who don’t understand the questions — or, for fear of criticism and/or rejection from the pervasive clouds of ignorant pop-culture, refuse to ask them.

    A good place to start? (Other than the New Testament….) THE INVENTION OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE by Schlomo Sand.

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