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By the Editorial Board 

Tulsa Public Schools is facing unprecedented challenges in the years ahead.

The crisis of already dwindling funding and drops in student enrollment has only been exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic. The steps that most of the current board members have taken to protect students and families from a deadly virus have been met with bullying and threats of retaliation by the Governor. And in a city rooted in systemic racism, teachers, families and students still face the very real effects of institutional inequities every single day.

Many Tulsans may overlook the importance of a school board election, but on February 9th Tulsa residents living in District 2 have the opportunity and responsibility to elect someone who is willing and able to meet these challenges our students face head-on.

We believe that person is Judith Barba.

In a time where so much is tearing us apart, Ms. Barba has shown herself – in her work and in her campaign – to be someone who will actively build coalitions aimed at bringing Tulsans together in service of our students.

She does not approach this work as anything other than a parent who hopes to build a district worthy of her child and every child who calls Tulsa home.

We deeply respect and admire the legacy of teaching, community engagement and passion that others bring to this race. It takes courage to step into the arena of an election and do so with integrity. In these divisive times, we would hope that anyone pursuing a seat on the Board of Education would do exactly that.

However, in a moment and a time such as this – where a district growing in diversity is in desperate need of collaboration, representation, thoughtfulness and boldness – we believe Judith Barba is the best candidate to meet the moment and move us forward.

Election Day for Tulsa Board of Education District 2 is Tuesday, February 9th. Polls are open from 7 am – 7 pm.

Click here to review your sample ballot and polling place.

Click here to view a map of District 2

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