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NEW ORLEANS, La. — Eagle Eye Resources is a black-owned construction company that is working diligently to restore our economy and instill a sense of normalcy in the United States. With the deployment of an air purification technology called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), the owner of the company, Gerald Baptiste, is doing his part to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus. PCO technology produces reactive oxygen species such as Superoxide and Hydroxyl radicals that bind to a host of microscopic pathogenic organisms existing on surfaces and in the air. These charged particles bind to the bacterial, fungal, or viral organism, and are scientifically proven to neutralize them. 

With the pandemic stripping away our way of life, Eagle Eye Resources has put a viable solution on the table that allows everyone to participate in everyday activities again. With the installation of a PCO air purifier in shared spaces, people can now safely attend movie theatres, visit their favorite restaurants, exercise at the gym, kids can attend school and we can even have friends and family over for dinner again. We can stop scrutinizing people who cough, sneeze, or stands too close enough to us while we are in public. 

The possibilities of the application are far-reaching as everyone serves to benefit. Baptiste believes its the best air purifier for COVID as these machines can cover a space as small as 1,500 sq ft and reach up to 12,000 sq ft or 160,000 cubic feet. The units work well in small spaces like classrooms and offices. They are great for the transportation industry and can be installed in limousines, and rideshare services like Lyft and Uber. They are adaptable for usage in multiple-story buildings, warehouses, cruise ships, or any large facility. 

Businesses of all industries should expect an increase in revenue from utilizing the purifier. Consumer confidence has plummeted along with our economy and Americans are eager to return to normalcy. The use of a photocatalytic air purifier can help educators, daycare providers, healthcare organizations, restaurant owners, and many other industries devastated by the pandemic.

Businesses of all industries can expect an increase in revenue and can restore consumer confidence and get our economy back on track.

·      Photocatalytic oxidation air purifiers act as a viricide, fungicide, and bactericide with proven results backed by years of scientific research with proven effectiveness in as little as 2 hours. 

·      Numerous scientific studies show the air purifier is capable of eliminating pathogens such as Influenza, Streptococcus, Candida, and E. Coli with a matter of hours.

·      Photocatalytic oxidation technology has been used by NASA for many years in space travel and has been adapted to improve air quality against pathogens & harmful chemicals. 

“We are excited about helping Americans create pathogen-free communities during a time of great need. We are doing our part to decrease the transmission of harmful viruses. – Gerald Baptiste

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