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TULSA, Okla. — A Black student in Holdenville, Oklahoma, called his mother after feeling disrespected by his high school instructor.

“Mom, I’m gonna walk home. This teacher is yelling at me.” He said while pacing in the back of the classroom. While the student called his mother, the white teacher can be heard speaking loudly and in a condescending way at the student — who was still on the phone with his mother.

“So, I’m gonna walk home,” he repeated.

The teacher then interjected, saying, “He may not be coming home.”

The student ignored the teacher’s interruption and continued speaking to his mother. “I’ll let you know when I get home, okay?”

“I’m keeping you here.” The teacher added.

The student then proceeds to walk around the teacher, but the teacher pushes her body into the student. The student continues to try to go around the teacher to exit the classroom. That’s when the teacher physically places hands on the student.

“Don’t touch me,” the student calmly says. “I didn’t touch you,” the teacher retorts.

The student makes his way around the teacher and breaks toward the door. That’s when the teacher assaults the student, grabbing the student’s backpack — which is still attached to him.

The student then turns and places his hands in the air, saying, “You better watch out.”

“You better watch out. Don’t hit me,” she says repeatedly.

The student keeps both his hands in the air as the teacher remains holding on to the student, preventing him from leaving.

Out of frustration, due to the instructor not allowing him to leave the classroom, he says, “I’ll knock you the f-ck out.”

“Only once,” the teacher jeered. “But then I’ll come and visit you in juvy,” a white microaggression and racist undertone.

“You betta not touch me, nigga.” The student says as he tries to exit again.

The teacher proceeds to block the student again and then says, “You better get yourself over there, n-word.”

The teacher then tries to justify her usage of the word. “I told you, what would happen if I said it. Right? And so, you didn’t think it was okay.”

The student pulls the teacher’s glasses from her face and flings them into the desk, breaking them.

“Call the police,” the teacher says, demanding her students.

When the student tries to leave the class again, she blocks him. That’s when he places his hands in the air yet again.

Finally, a student is seen blocking the teacher so her Black classmate can escape the cultural incompetent and undertrained instructor.

The teacher, whose name has yet to be released, is currently on administrative leave, but only four days after the video was released to the public by a student.

This incident comes, only a month after a high school girls basketball team was called the n-word by a sports commentator.

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4 replies on “VIDEO: White Teacher Calls Black Student the N-Word”

  1. You are coloring this as racist when it is not. The student called her out of her name. The teacher called him the same thing back that he called her. That is immature and unprofessional, but it is not racist. Where is that young man’s father? If we want things to change, we can’t be falsely crying wolf. The teacher should have remained professional: she did not. For that, she should be disciplined. The student should have remained professional: He did not. For that, he should be disciplined.

    1. The student isn’t a professional. He’s just a kid who is trying his level best to escape from a hostile situation. She was doing everything she could to provoke him into doing something she could have him arrested for and announces she’s calling the cops when another student finally gets between them so he can escape. Even if he were an adult employed by the school, his language wasn’t NEARLY as bad as her behavior. That young man has more patience than I do. The student should not be disciplined. He deserves an apology from the teacher and the school for being put in a dangerous situation. His patience may be the only thing that saved him from becoming a statistic that day.

  2. Don’t matter …she’s in Holdenville Oklahoma….I live close by and it’s full of racist people. She is a teacher,an adult,and is supposed to be a role model.No excuses for her whatsoever.She used the racist slur therefore its racist.

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