queen mother cut the check african diaspora
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Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely sent an open letter to President Joe Biden during his visit to Tulsa to recognize the massacre. As a community mayor of Harlem, she traveled a long way to demand that someone “cut the check”

“The ancestors brought me here in a storm,” Dr. Blakely told The Black Wall Street Times.

queen mother cut the check african diaspora
Queen Mother of the African Diaspora in America Dr. Delois Blakely (Raw Science)

Dr. Blakely was established as Queen mother of the African Diaspora in America by the Ashanti Tribe leadership and has vowed to bring the souls of the victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade home to Mama Africa through a healing and transformative process. She fought alongside Queen Mother Audley Moore during the civil rights movement advocating for youth. Dr. Blakely has also been active with the United Nations for roughly four decades.

In her study presented to Biden, “Journey of Return: Goree Island Project and Study,” she supports House Resolution 40 (H.R. 40) in Congress. The bill calls for a committee to study reparations for American descendants of enslaved Africans brought to North America during the transatlantic slave trade. It has passed the House Judiciary Committee and waits for a full vote on the House floor.

Queen Mother, an advocate for the African Diaspora

Dr. Blakely said she speaks for 55 million displaced African descendants and the victims of the transatlantic slave trade.

“I am advocating education, arts, heritage and culture as a healing modality for this generation to heal from the ‘Hellacaust’ called the Transatlantic Slave Trade, which has caused post traumatic slave syndrome to an entire generation,” Dr. Blakely wrote to Biden in her letter.

Queen Mother Dr. Blakely is an American former nun and current religious leader, Pan-Africanist, writer, activist and humanitarian. She has albums of music and poetry dedicated to black victims of police violence and the transatlantic slave trade.

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  1. A historical note. My family is Bantu who were part the “unfree” of the Ashanti Tribe, sold into chattel slavery by the Ashanti. The Ashanti were the traders in West Africa supplying the European slave trade with the unfree of tribes they conquered. They have apologized but never paid reparations. Like Roman slaves and others throughout history, those “unfree” worked alongside full tribal members, could marry and own property. Slavery in the America’s was the most depraved version of this unfree relationship in human history in that they were the first to be treated worse than animals and subject to the most horrendous torture and torment ever inflicted on one person by another until the White European version of slavery was conceived and put into practice. Truly a first in human history.

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