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Black Wealth Summit

Non-profit to debut inclusive wealth building virtual experience on how to take charge of your wealth journey

BALTIMORE, MD – The founders of the Black Wealth Summit™ (BWS) pull no punches when outlining their mission of being “unapologetically invested in the prosperity of Black people”. Founded in the midst of 2020’s pandemic and racial reckoning, the non-profit plans to accomplish this through its namesake, inclusive wealth and financial educational experience. BWS’s first-of-its-kind conference, slated for this October, is literally where Black affluence and potential comes to connect with wealth creating allies.

Founder Cedric Nash, author of the soon to be released How to Become a Millionaire Starting from the Bottom, says “I don’t know why no one has done this before. For me, the work we are doing with BWS is among the most important of my career.”

Nash, the founder of the IT firm Oakland Consulting Group, Inc.,  says statistics tell us that the median net worth for Caucasians is 17 times that of African Americans and continues to rise. What’s needed is more than just a conference he says, but a learning experience tailored to Black financial interests, and where individuals are in their wealth-building journey. Working in consort with his co-founders, Nash has assembled a close, hand-picked team made up of highly accomplished, world-class Black industry leaders with rich networks to form the BWS.

BWS has four areas of focus: Entrepreneurship, Securities (Stocks and Bonds), Real Estate, and Private Equity. The Summit will curate learning experiences tailored to the interests, investing experience, and opportunity appetite of its participants. These wealth-building tracks will be closely managed to make sure that they meet attendees where they are, matching them with world-class educators and opportunities.

Financial institutions are also vested in the groups’ approach and methodology.  Morgan Stanley is a founding sponsor, and inaugural sponsors include Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Charles Schwab, Equifax, and Raymond James. These financial powerhouses will also be making their curated wealth curriculums and financial coaches available within the BWS learning framework. This strategy was important for BWS to ensure Summit attendees are receiving authentic information, from the right perspective. According to BWS co-founderAlana Robinson, founder of Robinson Group Consulting, “building the Summit in this way means we are creating something sustainable that we can continue to broaden to reach more of the Black community.”

The inaugural BWS is scheduled for October 20 – 22, 2021.  This virtual event will include a comprehensive curriculum targeted to new, intermediation, seasoned and accredited investors, and include a variety of opportunities for networking, financial coaching, and exposure to a broad range of Black Wealth success journeys. BWS estimates more than 750 people will participate in the October event. Registration opens July 15, 2021 with early bird pricing available.

Nash concludes, “Having a roadmap of what you want to do and how to accomplish it is instrumental in planning a career, and even more so for acquiring and growing multigenerational wealth. Those participating in the Black Wealth Summit this October will also have a roadmap tailored to their wealth journey.” To be a part of the conference visit BWS.

About Black Wealth Summit

BWS is a first-of-its-kind opportunity to develop wealth literacy through access to comprehensive information in four focus areas: Entrepreneurship, Securities: Stocks & Bonds, Real Estate, and Private Equity. We are purveyors of trusted tips, tools, information, and networking to help Black people along their wealth journey. We partner with a cadre of financial powerhouses to make their curated wealth curriculums available within the BWS learning framework. BWS offers an inclusive wealth and financial educational experience, uniquely designed to bring together champions and channels that will foster prosperity for Black lives. Learn more by visiting and follow BWS on IG, Facebook and YouTube. 

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