​​NYC statue honoring George Floyd vandalized

by The Black Wall Street Times
George Floyd sculpture
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Police reported that the George Floyd statue in New York City’s Union Square Park was vandalized on Sunday.

The footage captured a man ducking behind a nearby statue of Rep. John Lewis around 10 a.m. and fiddling with something in his backpack, a police spokesman said.

The police department will not release the video, according to the spokesman. He shows him throwing paint on the statue while on his skateboard.

There was also defacing of the same statue in its original location in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, days after it was unveiled on Juneteenth. A photo of it posted on Twitter shows what appears to be silver paint.

Manhattan park recently received the statue.

In Louisville, Ky., last year, police shot and killed a young Black woman, Breonna Taylor, 26. Their statues were not touched.

A white nationalist group called Patriot Front was tagged with black paint on the Floyd statue in June.

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