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TW: This article contains graphic details about homophobic slurs and suicide. To reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline call 800-273-8255. To seek a culturally competent mental health professional, call the Black Mental Health Alliance at 410 338-2642. 

A homophobic rapper with declining album sales continues to prove he can’t handle LGBTQ+ artists outperforming him. On Saturday afternoon, Twitter removed a tweet from Louisiana-born rapper Boosie Badazz after he launched a tirade against genre-bending superstar Lil Nas X.

Boosie tweeted that Nas X should hate himself, that “nobody wants you here” and “commit suicide.” It follows a long trend of attacking Lil Nas X for unapologetically embracing his sexuality. Nas X’s song with Jack Harlow, “Industry Baby,” currently sits at number one on the Billboard Charts while Boosie gets more views of his bigoted rants than plays of his music.

Suicide is a leading cause of death among young people

Twitter removed access to the Tweet shortly after it gained traction on social media, with a message reading “This tweet violated the Twitter rules.” While some media outlets captured a screenshot of the rant before it was removed, we have decided not to share it.

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The violent, homophobic tweet adds to concerns highlighted in data from the Trevor Project, an LGBTQ+ advocacy organization. Not only is suicide a leading cause of death for young people, the rate is four times higher among LGBTQ+ youth. A 2019 study showed the rate was most severe for American Indian/Alaskan Native and Hispanic/Latinx LGBTQ+ youth.

We previously reported how Georgia-born rapper Lil Nas X has topped charts and trolled homophobes. 

In his usual fashion, Nas X didn’t appear to let the slur phase him. He released a tweet, writing “I am truly saddened. I have never been so mortified in my life. I can’t believe disney channel has yet to play halloween town this entire October.” 

Fans begin to criticize Boosie

Meanwhile, Boosie has his own problems to handle. 

On Friday, Boosie was kicked out of the State Farm Arena, home to the Atlanta Hawks. Months ago, he came to the defense of North Carolina-based rapper Dababy, who unleashed his own unsolicited homophobic slurs during the Rolling Loud concert in Miami. 

In 2019, he ranted at his own fans on Instagram after only 300 people purchased his album, Badazz 3.5. He also served several years in prison after being indicted for murder.

Not content with keeping his bigotry to himself, Boosie has made a habit of threatening to attack Lil Nas X, spreading fear that his music will negatively affect children. The latest homophobic attack came after Lil Nas X mockingly shared a post Saturday morning saying he and Boosie were about to release a song togethe. Meanwhile, Twitter users, and even some of Boosie’s own fans, have begun to criticize his violent words.

Several concerts dropped Dababy from their lineups after making false and bigoted statements about gay people and women. It remains to be seen whether Boosie will face a similar backlash.

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