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Whew, Lawd–Nick Cannon got another baby on the way. Over the weekend, Nick and the seventh mother of his eighth child, Breana Tiesi, announced they would be having a boy at a gender reveal party in Malibu, California.

Y’all, Nick out here humpin’ around more than Bobby Brown. As the young people would say, he “shoots up” almost every club he visits, meaning he freely ejaculates into women without contraception.  Every time Dj Khaled says, “Another one”, Nick takes it as a personal challenge. I wonder if the women he sleeps with lay down knowing and accepting that they may leave that rendezvous with a Nick Cannon lifetime special.

The song “Saturday Love” sang by Alexander O’Neal and Cherelle has to be his anthem because he clearly keeps a love for every day of the week. At this point his goal might be to have a baby mama for every month of the year and make his own calendar. I’m just trying to wrap my head around it, y’all.

But all jokes aside, there’s some serious debate happening over Nick’s rapidly growing family. 

nick cannon
Nick Cannon with model Bre Tiesi, the mother of his eighth child.

Should we call out Nick or naw?

One of my Facebook friends shared a picture from Nick and Bre’s gender reveal with the caption, “I don’t understand why men are celebrating such reckless behavior”. In the comments on the thread he went on to say, “Having eight children in seven different households is reckless. There’s no way you can be a good father in such a situation.”

Of course there was pushback on this claim of recklessness. Some people argued that the grief over losing his five month old son in December of 2021 may be the reason why Nick Cannon fathered another child so soon. Others advocated for the creator and host of Wild ‘N Out, saying it’s his business, his babies and if he has the money to take care of them, so be it.

But thinking deeper, I agree with my friend. Regardless of how much money one person has, material things and financial support are incomparable to the investment and importance of quality time when it comes to raising a child. 

Spreading his royal oats

Now I don’t know Nick’s schedule or how he splits his time between his children. But having his own talk show, being the host of The Masked Singer  and Wild ‘N Out, on top of any other projects that may be in the works, the man’s gotta be busy. Unless he plans on moving all of the kids and baby mamas into one house or on one block and making a show called “Wild ‘N Out With My Sister Wives”, I don’t know how he can be a full time dad to eight children–and potentially counting.

I wanted to believe that Nick spreading his royal oats was rooted in spirituality given the fact that he’s been rockin’ a turban for years, has taken heat for anti-Semitic comments and stated he wanted to get his masters degree in Divinity. But when asked why he has so many kids, Nick just said, “I don’t have no accident…I’m like a seahorse out here. That’s just the way I’m procreating.” But who knows–maybe that was just Nick being the comedian he is.

So what do y’all think–is Nick Cannon being irresponsible or should we just mind our business and let him do his thing? 

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