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Nick Adams had a few negative things to say about last night’s Superbowl Halftime performances.

The right-wing political commentator for FOX News took to Twitter shortly after the performances and Tweeted, “That was a halftime show full of criminals. Shameful.”

Despite criminal behavior in their younger years, the hip-hop artists who performed at Superbowl 56’s halftime show are now serial entrepreneurs with multiple legit businesses. Most of their criminal behavior took place in the 90s. Moreover, many of them were born into poverty, an unfortunate result of systemic racism.

Nevertheless, Adams added, “It is DISGUSTING that a song with anti-police lyrics would be aired during the Super Bowl Halftime Show! Dr. Dre is a CRIMINAL; he assaulted a police officer!”

Adams couldn’t resist taking a jab at the Democratic party. “The NFL is the only entity that elevates felons more than the Democrat party,” he tweeted.

Nick Adams Reaction to Eminem’s Protest

Eminem took a knee in protests after his performance while Dr. Dre played the keys.

Nick Adam said the hip-hop star’s hardly noticeable protest was “proof that Eminem hates America and everything it stands for.”

One person replied to Adams saying, ” I don’t get why people are upset about him taking a knee. I thought the main issue was that players were kneeling during the anthem and disgracing our armed forces.” He then adds, “but I didn’t hear the anthem being played when he took a knee…so what’s the real reason then?!”

Lastly, “I hope next year’s halftime show features fewer felons,” Nick Adams tweeted. Perhaps, he should worry more about his idol Trump not getting a felony for an attempted coup on the US government before the next election.

In the past, Adams denounced multiculturalism, saying “It creates groups and pockets of people who then feel inferior and superior, and I think we need to be united.” He clearly forgot that America is a multicultural melting pot.

Strangely enough, Adams isn’t very old. Thirty-six and still spewing racial stigma about hip-hop and Black culture without realizing how racially insensitive his comments sound. Then again, perhaps Adams was hoping Donald Trump would make favorable comments about his tweets again.

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5 replies on ““Halftime show full of criminals,” says Trump supporter Nick Adams”

  1. NIck Adams hates America. The Republicans hate America and want to create a sanitized racist vision of America without the melting pot.. Just keep asking these traitors: “Why do you hate America?” America is Great, no one needs the remake you have in mind. Why do YOU HATE AMERICA?

    1. Why did the NFL choose to have a halftime show that glorifies black criminality, pimping and hatred for the police? There are so many performers to choose from. Why, in these times, would you want to promote more of this degeneracy that only serves to lead kids down the wrong path, especially black kids? It’s just so misguided and destructive, and it serves to reinforce negative stereotypes. We need to raise the bar and make an effort to improve the character of the American people. Why do people celebrate gangsterism and ignore the ones they victimize?

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