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Three women claim sexual assault allegations against singer Trey Songz. According to a new lawsuit, Songz is accused of abuse. However, his lawyers are responding explosively to all accusations.

The victim alleges having severe tears that led to her hospitalization. 

She claims Songz invited her to a party and the two of them engaged in a consensual encounter during the event. Notably, the two had a previous consensual relationship prior to this night.

Back in Novermber of 2021, Las Vegas police were investigating allegations involving Songz at a Las Vegas Strip hotel. Sex crime detectives received a complaint about an incident that occurred on Sunday involving Songz.

The Alleged Incident

Upon entering the bedroom at the house, Songz allegedly throws his victim to the ground, rips off her pants, and pins her down face first on the bedroom floor. The victim alleges that he then forced his erect pe–s into her anus without her consent, resulting in severe physical and emotional harm.

Immediately following the incident, the woman claims to have fled “half-naked from the bedroom,” leaving her underwear behind. After calling an Uber, she claims the driver took her to the Emergency Care Unit at Providence Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California, rather than home. As soon as she arrived, she received emergency medical treatment and counseling.

The lawyers for Trey Songz responded to a lawsuit accusing him of the alligations Tuesday, claiming that the alleged victim’s lawyer tried to pay off a witness to corroborate the allegations.

Songz claimed that Jauhara Jeffries’ attorney, Ariel E. Mitchell, tried to pay an unnamed witness $100,000 to lie about the alleged sexual assault in a motion filed in Miami court. 

According to the filing, the misconduct was so egregious that the case should be dismissed.

Songz’s attorneys, Jeffrey A. Neiman and Derick Vollrath wrote that “Plaintiff and Mitchell have engaged in serious misconduct,” which warrants a serious sanction.

Attorney Ariel E. Mitchell Denies Accusations

Mitchell told Billboard on Tuesday that the allegations in the lawsuit were false and possibly defamatory as well. 

She said Songz’s legal team made the same witness tampering allegations last year and that Florida’s bar association had already cleared her.

“If they believed that I committed such an egregious action like bribing a witness, I would not be practicing law right now,” Mitchell said. “This is an attempt, and a pathetic one at that, to shift the narrative from what Trey Songz has been accused of.”

Trey Songz’ Sexual Assault Offense 

In 2017, Songz became embroiled in a lawsuit that claimed Jeffries was assaulted by Songz at a Miami nightclub on New Year’s Eve. 

She claims Songz violated her with his fingers as she danced on a couch. Songz denies the allegations. 

Songz claims in his filing that an unnamed person witnessed the alleged incident. He also says this person can attest that there was no sexual assault. The same witness is says she met Mitchell for dinner in April 2021. During the dinner, the witness claims attorney Mitchell tries to influence her to change her testimony.

“Ms. Mitchell also informed me that if I changed my testimony to corroborate [Plaintiff’s] version of events and testified on [Plaintiff’s] behalf, that she would pay me between $100,000 and $200,000, depending on the case’s ultimate settlement amount, if any,” the witness said, according to Tuesday’s filing.

Florida’s bar association had already “thoroughly investigated” the allegations, Mitchell says. In order to confirm this, she plans to file a response in court. 

She confirmed that she had dinner with the witness but that nothing like the alleged interference took place.

“They might want to withdraw it before I sue them for defamation,” Mitchell said of Tuesday’s filing.

Additionally, Mitchell and George Vrabeck are representing Dylan Gonzalez. Gonzalez is another woman who is claiming Songz sexual assault alligations. The singer however denies the aligations. Mitchell and Vrabeck lawsuit has yet to be filed. 

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