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The Vice President for Student Life at the University of Alabama, Myron Pope, issues an exclusive statement through The Black Wall Street Times following his arrest in a prostitution sting. 

“I want to apologize for the actions that led to my arrest.

 I recognize that I did not live up to my own values, and I let a lot of people down, starting with my family and the students and staff who looked to me as a leader.


I have dedicated my life to serving young people and helping them pursue and achieve their goals. 

I can only hope that my story will serve as a cautionary tale for others — one moment of poor judgment can jeopardize everything you’ve worked your whole life for and all that you hold dear. 

I want to thank my family and friends for their unwavering support. I’m grateful for God’s grace and forgiveness in the midst of my shortcomings. I hope that in time I can regain the trust of those I love and continue to make a positive impact in the lives of others.”

Myron Pope

Former Vice President for Student Life

University of Alabama

Myron Pope resigned Friday from his university position last Friday after being released on a $1,000 bond. He faces a misdemeanor charge for soliciting prostitution. 

Prior to this incident Pope had never been arrested and can be described as a model citizen.

The University of Alabama’s President released a statement following Pope’s resignation, which reads, “I have difficult news to share today. Vice President of Student Life Myron Pope has resigned from the university following his recent arrest.”

Pope was 1 of 15 men arrested last Thursday by the West Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force.  Commander Captain Phil Simpson, of the Tuscaloosa Police Department, said in a press release on Saturday that the men had arranged for sex through an app and were arrested after showing up at the agreed location and when communicating with an undercover officer. 

While head of the Division of Student Life at the University of Alabama, Myron Pope worked to offer support to students through various programs including health and recreation, career counseling, the student center, student media, and residence life.

Notably, Pope is a University of Alabama alum, earning his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees from the institution. He also played football and was a member of the 1992 team that won the Sugar Bowl. 

Before serving in administrative roles at the University of Alabama, Myron Pope served as the chief of strategic engagement at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. In addition, he also served in vice presidential roles for 14 years at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Pope told The Black Wall Street Times that he has consulted with a lawyer to assist him in navigating the next few months.

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