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Sealing his role as a conservative mascot, two-time killer Kyle Rittenhouse recently trolled Lebron James, President Joe Biden, and those who believed his courtroom tears with a video meme he shared to Twitter on Friday.

In the video, created by another user, a clip of Rittenhouse crying on the stand at his murder trial was imposed onto the body of someone holding a gas pump. During his trial, NBA star Lebron James famously claimed his tears were fake, saying he’d eaten some Lemonheads.

In a single shared post, Rittenhouse shot back at Lebron’s comment, blamed Biden for rising gas prices, and callously mocked his own tears that helped him receive a not-guilty verdict.

Kyle Rittenhouse: A killer on the loose

Back in 2020, following the viral police lynching of George Floyd in Minneapolis, then-17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse traveled from Illinois, bringing a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle to a police brutality protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

He shot three men, killing two and wounding a third. Charged with reckless endangerment and homicide, Rittenhouse infamously took to the stand in his own defense and gave a performance at his murder trial in which he appeared to cry profusely, despite no tears coming out of his eyes.

Implementing a tactic many have called “White tears,” some have accused Kyle Rittenhouse of faking his tears in order to gain sympathy despite his murderous deeds.

Meanwhile, after his not-guilty verdict, Kyle Rittenhouse has become a darling in the conservative, far-right movement, appearing at conferences. He also appeared on Tucker Carlson’s talk show, where he announced he’d be suing media outlets and celebrities who called him a murderer.

Now, he’s come after President Biden over rising gas prices, weighing into an international issue by using Republican talking points.

Nationwide, gas prices have hit an average of $4.065/gallon, according to AAA. That number is just five cents shy of the all-time record of $4.11 set in 2008. Yet, the cause of the rising prices are more complex. Forty-year high inflation and supply chain backups due to the sanctions against Russia continue to affect the price of gas. 

It’s unclear how much of a grasp Kyle Rittenhouse has on geopolitical affairs. One thing that is clear, however, is that mocking his own tears from his murder trial gives ammo to the relatives of his victims who’ve named him in a lawsuit. It’s also given ammo to those who believe he was faking his tears for a sympathetic jury.

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