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Consisting of members Young Deuces, Bacardi, Didge & Lib, Geekset proudly describes itself as the only podcast that blends Hip-Hop Culture & Geek Culture together in one place.

The Black Wall Street Times spoke with Young Deuces to find out more about Geekset’s origin story and future plans.


Growing up in Milwaukee, Deuces says there weren’t many creative outlets in the largely segregated city for a kid inspired by watching Mighty Morphin Power Ranger character, Zack, The Black Ranger on television. But that’s all it took for him. Zack’s representation would initiate a wave of events in his life that has culminated in what is now Geekset.

Though Deuces mentioned that options were limited for Blacks on TV screens in the 90s, Zack’s character showed that there could be spaces for Black nerds or ‘blerds.’ Deuces explains, “Blerds aren’t always nerds how they’re portrayed in Hollywood like Urkel and Carlton, that’s not a representation of who all of us are as people.”

Deuces states Zack was a nerd but he was also cool, which mirrored what he envisioned for himself more than blerds like Family Matters’ Urkel or Fresh Prince’s Carlton characters, who were regarded as clumsy, capitulating, preppy, and square.

Geekset is Milwaukee born and bred

Deuces stated his hometown has since welcomed blerd culture today in a way that did not exist when Geeksets members, all Milwaukee natives, were children. “It’s grown and grown, we have gaming bars, anime specific or comic book specific, we’re pushing Geekset to connect and collaborate with other blerd’s,” says Dueces.

Nowadays he and Geekset podcast proudly promote blerd culture, “We tell people all the time you can be a geek. A geek is somebody who can talk passionately about a topic,” says Dueces.

Deuces compares Geekset’s barbershop conversations like LeBron vs. Jordan to Batman vs. Superman debates that get just as heated and deserve a home for celebrities, blerds, and their surrounding community to engage in a way that is authentically and creatively us.

Blerd culture is here to stay.

Geekset sets itself apart because they take a deep dive into blerd culture and hip hop. Seeing themselves as a vital outlet like a rapper to a Breakfast Club interview, Deuces envisions Geekset as a platform for blerds to have deep and engaging dialogue with its influencers just the same.

With over 100 episodes logged and a 4.9+ star rating in Apple Podcasts, Geekset is here to do more than fill the gap, they want to seal the hole shut for good.

A City due its Respect and Acknowledgement.

According to Deuces, that gap in recognition and respect is a trait synonymous with the city of Milwaukee, which just won its second NBA Championship last year, largely credited to 75th-anniversary member and Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. Though defending champs, Deuces says the sports world refuses to acknowledge them or see them as favorites to repeat a championship and hardly give Giannis the credit he’s earned.

Buffering his point, Deuces remarked on last night’s huge NBA matchup between the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Philadelphia 76ers, which was bumped for a Los Angeles Lakers game. Deuces says smaller markets, like the Bucks or Geekset, are just as worthy as the big names like the Lakers.

Yet, with interviews already from Jay Ellis (HBO Insecure), Kel Mitchell (All That | Kenan & Kel), O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Straight Outta Compton), Roy Wood Jr (The Daily Show), Debra Wilson (MadTV/Star Wars), Geekset is already making a pretty big name for themselves.

Geekset is currently engaged in a Go Fund Me campaign which they recently announced in Forbes Magazine. The campaign is to fund a documentary that Deuces describes as a “Love letter to culture.”

According to Geekset, with the funding, they aim to “film in a Black-Owned sound stage, hire top-tier Talent to interview for the documentary, hire a Black PR company to help get the word out, work with Black DP’s, Editors, Photographers & Blerds throughout the project. Our goal is to truly showcase Black Excellence in every step of the documentary and pay people what they deserve.”

To find out more about Deuces and all things Blerd, look no further than Geekset. They drop a new podcast every other Tuesday.

Find out about the entire group and more at

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