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A video shows the moment children playing a little league baseball game ducked for cover amidst dozens of nearby gunshots in North Charleston, South Carolina Monday night. 

Parents could be heard shouting for their children as both players and spectators dropped to the ground in fear at a Dixie Youth league baseball game in North Charleston’s Pepperhill Park, according to ABC News 4.

At first, the players stood still in shock, appearing confused at the sound of the first several gunshots. Once another round could be heard, the players and parents immediately ran and hid amongst the bleachers and on the field, the video shows.

“Olivia! Olivia, come here,” one parent shouts as other parents tell their kids to get down.

It wasn’t too long ago when most Americans were able to ignore the issue of gun violence that many assumed only happened in underserved, urban communities. Yet, Republicans continue to block any meaningful research or legislation aimed at preventing gun violence. As a result, the United States has experienced an epidemic of mass shootings, whether at school or in public places.

Mass shootings and gun violence can affect anyone, even kids at a baseball game: This is America

Though there’s no singular definition of a mass shootings, most researchers consider a mass shooting when four or more people are killed or shot in a public place, according to the Associated Press. The U.S. has already experienced more than 100 mass shootings in 2022, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

In fact, gun violence in the U.S. has become so common that musical artist Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) illustrated its impact on our culture with his hit song “This is America” and the graphic music video that goes with it.

“This is America. Don’t catch you slippin’ now,” Gambino says on the track.

According to ABC News 4, one of the baseball game team’s coaches says they have already petitioned for North Charleston to not be allowed to host recreational games at the park due to violence in the area.

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  1. Facts with opinions. Can’t you just report facts and not make political? You should put opinion at beginning of article. Then I read Minneapolis and then I understood.

  2. How did the paragraph beginning with “Though there’s no singular definition…” make it past an editor? Do we really need to quote rap songs in news articles?

  3. You have to lock criminals up too,. Guns don’t kill on their own, people do, People pull the triggers The last NY subway shooter used a handgun legally purchased,.. Gun regulations can only help a little The real killers and shooters are human beings, lock up the criminals

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