Black girl magic: 14 year old graduates college with 2 degrees
14-year-old Shania Muhammad. (Instagram)
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A high-achieving family in Oklahoma has added to their success. Before even obtaining a driver’s license, 14-year-old Shania Muhammad has graduated with two college degrees.

“We have over 150 medals, over 50 trophies, we have over one hundred academic awards as well,” Elijah Muhammad recently told News 9’s Anjelicia Bruton.

A home full of accolades is ready to burst after Shania Muhammad obtained Associates Degrees from both Langston University (Oklahoma’s only Historically Black College) and Oklahoma City Community College. She’s also attended a semester at the University of Oklahoma.

Shania started taking classes at OCCC at the age of 13, and said that putting the same level of passion into education as her peers put into sports would yield similar results.

Soon after attending a semester at OU, Shania said she decided to follow in her dad’s footsteps by attending an HBCU, Langston. There her Black girl magic soared higher than her height.

“I actually experienced and enjoyed Langston. It felt like I was at home from home. I don’t feel judged, it’s like we understood where we came from,” Shania said.

Black girl magic: 14 year old graduates college with 2 degrees

Black girl magic strikes again

According to a study from the National Center for Education Statistics, Black girls and women are among the highest educated groups in the nation, a statistic in which Shania is proud to be included. 

Continuing her classes at Langston, Shania plans to major in family consumer science with a minor in plant social science.

Adding to the family’s Black excellence, Shania’s also fascinated with entrepreneurship. She has an upcoming book tour on top of a clothing line.

“Don’t let your age be the ceiling to your potential and I really want to push that. You cannot let that be a barrier to your life. It’s like I was in the seventh grade and the whole time I was on the collegiate level I just didn’t know it,” Shania told News 9.

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