14-year-old college grad offers inspiration for more Black girl magic
Shania Muhammad, a 14-year-old African American student from Oklahoma who has graduated with two associate degrees from both Oklahoma City Community College and Langston University, making history as the youngest graduate known from both colleges.
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By Tosh Owens, Staff Writer

You could do anything that you put your mind to. If you wanted to become the first African American woman president or the first African American to invent flying cars, do you believe that you could? That was precisely the mindset that catapulted Shania Muhammad’s success in graduating from college at 14 years old. 

By age 13, Shania began her studies at Oklahoma Community College, where she obtained an associate’s degree. Shortly after attending a semester at the University of Oklahoma, Shania decided it would be best to relive her parent’s experience at a Historically Black College and University. Shania obtained another associate’s degree from Langston University, where she also plans to pursue her bachelor’s degree in family consumer science. 

14-year-old graduates college and inspires others

Finding the motivation to accomplish your goals can be challenging, or is it?

“I never seen this ever in life. Even last year, when I was 13, I didn’t know that I would do this. It just happened,” Shania Muhammad told The Black Wall Street Times. “What motivated me was knowing how graduating would impact the Black community. We limit ourselves so much. We think that we can only do entertainment and sports, but academics have longevity, so I wanted to create a different path.”

How do you get the courage to take on college?

Given that Shania is only 14 years old, it makes you wonder how she gained her bravery. In college, going up against students much older and bigger than she was, she had to become fearless.

“I didn’t gain courage until my second semester of college. It wasn’t about how hard the classes were. It was about how hard I tell myself they are,” Shania said. I always told myself that I could do it no matter how hard it was. Knowing that I’m only limiting myself by what I say was more of a mindset thing. 

Your thoughts are the beginning process of your reality. In fact, here is how it works. Your thoughts become your words, your words become your beliefs, your beliefs become your action, and your actions become your habits, and your habits become your reality. Having the courage to accomplish any goal, big or small, can take some practice.

Black girl magic: Books and Affirmations that can help you get inspired.

Given that Shania has trail-blazed a path worth following by being a 14 year old who graduates college with multiple degrees, it sparks curiosity about practices that inspired her journey. “I wrote down what I wanted to do. I wrote down every day [I would make a 4.0 gpa]. It may seem small, but it went a long way for me,’ Shania said. 

Here are some of the books that she read that gave her inspiration 

  • “Cultivating Genius” by doctor Gholdy Muhammad
  • “The Black Girls Guide to Radical Self Love” by Kathleen Nicole

Inspiration can come from many places; a book you read, a dream you had, or even a movie you saw. What’s important about getting inspired is that you know tools that can help you get your motivation back once you lose your inspiration. The next time you don’t feel so inspired, take Shania’s practices and put them to good use.

What would you tell other young girls to inspire them to attend college?

Being that Shania has accomplished such a huge goal, she wanted to make sure other young women dreaming of graduating from college gained inspiration. “My number one thing is to be confident and believe in yourself. If everyone is against what your goals are, you have to stand firm and believe in yourself,’ Shania said. “People will give you criticism, but you have to learn what to take and what not to take in but always believe in yourself no matter what.” 

What can we expect from Shania in the future?

Without a doubt, Shania Muhammad will go far in life with her positive mindset. Soon, she plans to be a worldwide professional speaker. She plans to take her book on tour and expand her clothing line “Smart Girl” with a mission to shed a positive light on women expressing their smartness.

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