Biden visits Buffalo offering words in face of domestic terrorism
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On Tuesday, President Biden and the First Lady visited Buffalo, New York, in light of the weekend’s act of domestic terrorism that claimed the lives of ten people at a TOPS supermarket. 

We must refuse to live in a country where Black people going about their weekly grocery shopping can be gunned down by weapons of war deployed in a racist cause,” says Biden.

Biden offered his support and condolences to impacted families, state and local leaders, and first responders following the mass shooting that took place on Saturday. Biden said all the right things, even calling the act “domestic terrorism” and denouncing hate and division before urging Congress to take action to protect communities from gun violenceYet, what will be done to stem the tide of violence is yet to be seen.

Biden Administration makes lynching federal hate crime amid increasing mass shootings.

We must refuse to live in a country where fear and lies are packaged for power and for profit. We must refuse to let violence and division and darkness be our legacy. This is work that requires all of us – presidents and politicians, commentators and citizens. None of us can stay on the sidelines.”

Biden’s words sound great, but where is any policy to back up those sweeping words? The inaction of his administration to do nothing more than announce the ban on ghost guns leaves ample room for these killings to occur with regularity to citizens of all ethnicities and backgrounds.

With racism fueling his shooting spree, an 18-year-old White man live-streamed his slaughter of innocent generations of Black people just looking to feed themselves and their families. 

As the President blames Congress for gun legislation delay, domestic terrorism continues on.

Biden has done little to address the festering and outright racism that’s only grown more sinister since he took office. Whether or not Congress votes to ban ghost guns, implement universal background checks, or restrict assault rifles, Biden’s words will come and go until actions are taken to save the lives of innocent Americans.

While Black voters wain on Biden like America at large, another reckless racist mass shooting exposes the leadership gap in America that has been void seemingly forever.

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  1. Thank you for your honesty which is rare in our biased echo chamber media today. I will post your piece on my social media and send it to some of the “progressive” talk show hosts who cheerlead for Democrats as if they were their favorite sports team. The lack of vision and leadership in the Democratic Party is appalling, and their public policy is designed to merely get them from election to election without making any meaningful systemic change.

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