Racist H.S. students leave "Blacks Only" sign at water fountain
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Racist beliefs and demonstrations have once again found its way into the American school system. According to NBC News, students at a Cincinnati high school recently taped “Blacks only” and “Whites only” signs over water fountains and posted pictures of the signs on social media.

The district has announced the students will be disciplined after the incident was broadcast by a local news station.

Racist kids reenact the history their parents don’t want them to learn about.

While books are banned across the country that detail the African American experience in its full complexities, some sinister school children in Cincinnati want to only reflect on the sharp divisions their ancestors created.

Northwest Local School District said officials were made aware of the racist incident at Colerain High School on May 5.

According to NBC News, the district started to investigate and learned that the signs over both water fountains were posted for about 30 seconds, while the students responsible took photos. They then took the racist signs down and posted the photos online.

Northwest Local School District promises accountability.

“Those who participated in this tasteless and hurtful act have been issued significant disciplinary actions,” said the district’s statement, which noted that “information regarding this incident was shared on the news today.” The statement was issued on May 16.

Per  NBC News, parents at the 9-12 school were made aware of the racist incident in a letter from the school on May 5.

“Any student, including those who are found to have taken part in sharing the post online will also be subject to disciplinary action,” said the letter. “The actions that were displayed do not reflect the values and culture of Colerain High School or the Northwest Local School District.”

Racists infiltrate all American systems.

Colerain High School, which has about 1,700 students, is 30 percent Black and 50 percent White, according to U.S. News and World Report. Yet, racial demographics do little to predict or subside the tide of overt racism by White Americans across the country.

Buffalo’s domestic terrorism proved once again how racist beliefs can quickly manifest into deadly actions. It is the obligation of the district to ensure each child has a safe place to learn in an environment where ideas can flourish and individuality can be accepted.

If parents aren’t going to raise children without harboring hate and resentment, it is the powers that be who must fill in to protect our children from evildoers of all ages.

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