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Video went viral over the weekend showing a former United Airlines worker quickly losing a fight after punching and shoving a passenger who turned out to be former NFL wide receiver Brendan Langley. The incident occurred on May 19 at the bag drop desk at Newark Airport in New Jersey.

According to the Daily Mail, the ex-employee, who the airline refused to identify, has been fired from the company. Yet, Langley was the only one arrested and charged with assault after the brawl even though the video showed the former employee striking first.

In the video, the ex-employee and Langley appear to stare each other down before the employee strikes Langley and quickly shoves him. 

“You saw that shit?” Langley responds.

In a textbook example of f*ck around and find out, Langley delivers a series of blows that puts the former United Airlines employee on his back. 

Yet, with a bloodied face, the former employee gets up and continues approaching Langley, as if wanting more.

“You want some more? He wants some more,” Langley exclaims before another employee steps in and breaks up the altercation.

United Airlines employee collides with former NFL wide receiver Brendan Langley

While it’s unclear what exactly led up to the altercation, multiple media outlets have reported the dispute began when Langley, a former Broncos wide receiver, used a wheelchair to transport his luggage instead of purchasing a luggage cart.

??Langley was selected in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos. He played 16 games as a defensive back over the 2017 and 2018 seasons, making six tackles, returning 10 kickoffs for 244 yards and one punt for six yards.

Now playing in Canada for the Calgary Stampeders, it doesn’t look like Langley expected to go viral for his actions off the field.

Still, taking to Twitter after the fight, Langley signaled that taking action against United Airlines wasn’t off the table.

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11 replies on “Former United Airlines employee fired after brawling with passenger”

  1. You should tell the whole story and show the full video. The employee was punched multiple times before punching back yet you start the video with him punching first. That’s fake news it’s a straight up lie and deception. The employee was obviously the victim if you were honest and showed the full video

    1. Actually a longer version of the video is on Twitter which it starts, AGAIN, with the EX United airlines employee slapping Brandon and they get into it before getting to the point in the video that you referred to as “fake news”.

    2. Where did you get that from son? Did you see how Langley laid him out with one punch? If he’d been punched a couple of times he would have been unconscious. You’re just saying that for the same reason Langley was the one arrested, because he’s Black.

  2. Well if you know so much you must have been there right? So if he had punched him before and all that, whybwould he say what he said when he was hit? Also, UA wouldnt have fired him if he didnt strike first. Lastly, they had tonhave seen the tape to know what happened. Good try though.

    1. UA would have fired him either way. Langley absolutely struck first, but the UA employee shouldn’t have come out from behind the counter and started to get ready to fight.

      When he struck Langley, Langley wasn’t attacking him. That’s why he was fired.

      But that doesn’t change the fact that Langley struck first.

  3. Spreading fake news again. It was the tall black guy who started punching employee ! Show the full video !!!!!!!!

    1. YOU PEOPLE need to quit. Had Langley punched the UA employee first, he would still be on the floor!!!! Stop HATING!

  4. The longer video shows Langley punching first.

    Now, perhaps another even longer video exists showing the airline employee punching first, but this video is the shorter, edited version.

    The “journalism” here is sketchy at best, and downright lousy.

    1. One of the news outlets reported that the UA guy bumped into Langley. To which Langley commented about the guy bumping him. The guy must not have liked what was said because he then hit Langley. So, Langley did what any of us would have done… dropped his azz wit a one-hitta-quitta. I guess he learned that day.

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