Twerking eviction looms for Charlotte mom and daughter's life on hold
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The threat of eviction continues to haunt a Charlotte family who claim on April 30, 21-year-old, Alanah Foster, was approached by a concierge at Element SouthPark apartments while having a pool party with a few friends. She, along with her guests were allegedly told by the concierge that a resident complained to management about their twerking and lewd behavior.

The next day, Alanah and her mother, Marshette, were served eviction papers.

Marshette spoke to The Black Wall Street Times to discuss the current state of her family’s pending eviction.

All of this for twerking?

While her mother remains unaware of whom made the initial call, she states Alanah apologized to the concierge and said she would stop twerking when confronted. According to her mother, Alanah claims what exacerbated matters is when the concierge also told her that she had too many guests at the pool. Members of her party felt targeted as there were other white groups present and they were the only Black group. After a verbal exchange with the concierge, Alanah and her friends left the pool together.

Marshette states the next day, she and her daughter were approached by management and when they later met in the office, they were given an eviction without a chance to rebuttal. 

Yet even before then, Marshette says there had been a sporadic stream of passive aggressive attacks against her family by some staff members.

The Black Wall Street Times reached out to Element SouthPark for comment, however, they did not respond.  

Mom worries potential eviction will hurt her future housing options

Marshette continues to seek legal assistance through this matter and states the unlawful eviction was likely based on race, however, she admits to not knowing who called management initially.

Since presenting her with eviction papers, Marshette claims Element SouthPark management has been completely absent in their communication. She fears an eviction will stain her record, making it harder for her family to move elsewhere. 

If the eviction goes through, it would be the first on her record. 

While fighting eviction, videotape with alleged nudity and lewd behaviors remains unseen by mother.

Previously, their apartment management said:

“Resident statements and video show the resident and her guests performing acts of public nudity, fighting, and other extremely unacceptable behaviors for any of our residents to witness, but it is especially unacceptable due to the presence of small children.”

Marshette states she has not seen the tape they are alleging exists. Marshette doubts their claim, saying, “they are trying to do everything they can to make us look uncouth and ghetto” to justify the eviction. 

The Black Wall Street Times has also requested access to the videotape, however, to date nothing has been provided. 

When real life intersects with social media

Marshette stated since the story went viral, her daughter has been bullied online, they’ve been called “ghetto, section 8” and people have tried to shame them as a family. Marshette claims she is also aware of a mobile app her community members use to speak of her and her daughter. 

Marshette and her daughter are off of social media for the time being. She explained, “we’re trying to keep a positive outlook and you can’t do that on social media.”

The family is currently looking for their next home along with qualified legal representation while they face eviction.  A Charlotte lawyer has advised the family to stay in the apartment beyond the deadline as they file legal papers to contest the eviction in court.

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