Charlotte Mom Claims Apartment Evicted Family over Daughter's Twerking
Marshette Foster is fighting to stay in her home after she received an eviction notice over her daughter's twerking. (Pehal News)
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A Charlotte, North Carolina mother states she’s actively being evicted from her apartment after her 21-year-old daughter and a friend twerked at the complex’s pool.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Marshette Foster said a concierge at the Element SouthPark apartment approached her daughter, Alanah Foster, on April 30 and told her someone had reported the twerking.

Sounds like the actions of a Karen.

According to Blavity, Alanah reportedly apologized to the concierge and said they would stop. The concierge also allegedly told Alanah that she had too many guests at the pool.

Marshette, who is Black, said white residents have brought groups of four or five people to the pool, but she has never seen the concierge say anything to them.

In the ritzy and well-manicured neighborhoods of SouthPark Charlotte, some believe Blacks do not belong.

Family facing homelessness for twerking

While twerking is an ancestral dance that traces back to the Ivory Coast, when some people see Black people enjoying themselves in any capacity, their first inclination is to hate.

Racism at the pool is a tradition as far back as the black & white televisions, which once showed a motel manager brazenly pouring acid in the pool as Black people swam. Still, Marshette isn’t planning to let history repeat itself with her or her daughter.

Charlotte mom says apartment evicting family over daughter's twerking
Marshette Foster, left, and her daughter Alanah Foster. (Pehal News)

Charlotte Apartment defends twerking eviction.

While commenting on the allegations, Element SouthPark management said Alanah and her guests displayed “extremely unacceptable behaviors” at the pool, including fighting.

“Resident statements and video show the resident and her guests performing acts of public nudity, fighting, and other extremely unacceptable behaviors for any of our residents to witness, but it is especially unacceptable due to the presence of small children,” Element SouthPark said in a statement to The Charlotte Observer.

According to Blavity, Marshette denies the accusations about fighting, nudity, and other unacceptable behavior.

Marshette remains adamant the allegations are unfounded.

“They’re making us out to be unkempt, uncouth, that we don’t follow the rules,” she said. “It’s not true. It’s like they’re fabricating.”

The Charlotte family said they have been constantly harassed at the apartment since they moved there last July. One of the incidents allegedly happened in late July, when someone reported Marshette, saying she was having sex in the pool.

“I looked at the video, and you were not having sex in the pool,” a concierge later said in response to the complaint, according to Marshette.  

The family received an eviction notice on Friday following the latest dispute. A Charlotte lawyer has advised the family to stay in the apartment beyond the deadline as they file legal papers to contest the eviction in court.

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    1. Jordan, great question. The answer is no, it was not an error. It is capitalized due to the fact it’s referring to a group of people that share a cultural/ ethnic identity.

      Similar to people who have a hearing loss, if they consider themselves a part of the Deaf culture, it is also capitalized.

  1. This is the second story I’ve read and commented on by Ezekiel.

    Are you asking the reader to believe that the twerking this girl was doing was a cultural activity brought over from Africa and not the type of twerking that young women do to show their skin in hopes of attracting a mate? Did you see the video mentioned in the article? If not, you may not want to push an agenda with a story that doesn’t apply.

    You also say that the neighborhood is “ritzy and well maintained”…. Are you also asking the reader to believe that people that can afford this neighborhood would not be able to find a nice place they could afford if they are evicted? It seems to me you are implying that this family, a priveleged family already if they can afford this neighborhood, will have no problem finding a place to live if they can’t follow the rules of this community.

    I’m curious who are the “some” that believes “Blacks do not belong”? Did you do a canvas of the area or did white people admit it to you, a black man, doing a survey?

    I’m a middle-aged white man that works with a bunch of young black men, one of which was recently shot. There are plenty of stories of black men and families being done wrong, but when stories like this are used to push an agenda, it only divides our community more.

    Sjw’s are a bigger problem than trump. Talk of defunding the police has led to nearly a 40% increase in murders and maybe a 200%increase in car-jacking. My wife works at a juvenile detention center and the students tell her that they watch the news and they know the police are doing less now than ever before. Why would they?

  2. 21 is such an immature age nowadays, when they actually should be mature. Where was her mother? Or let me guess, she was a young mom, so that is her excuse for not raising her daughter with common sense? And yes, I’m Black.

  3. Normalize being classy. I wouldn’t dream of being that ghetto. Really??? Of all Of all the dances in the world she picks the most stereotypical, raunchiest one in the world. Yes, I’m blk

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