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On Saturday, June 18 at B.C. Franklin Park, people from around the city can go to see a community kickball kickback hosted by Pat Fields and Landon Wolf. The kickball kickback will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and will have food trucks, along with playable activities such as football, frisbees, and basketball. Best of all, IT’S ALL FREE! 

“It’s going to have a barbecue type feel to it, that’s what we want it to be, come out and have a good time, enjoy the Tulsa community and the creative space,” Landon Wolf told The Black Wall Street Times.

Wolf and Fields have both known each other from childhood and both hail from Tulsa. The two would both go on to become college football players at Oklahoma State and the University of Oklahoma. “We wanted to be able to give back and provide opportunities for kids to have more access to resources that we didn’t have,” said Wolf.

The kickback will be the finale to a three-day event the duo is hosting as Town Business, an educational seminar on financial literacy, money management, credit and personal branding for high school students.

Tulsa-born Football players launch Community Kickball Kickback

 On Thursday, they will be having a concert with Black artists such as Steph Simon as part of their introductory night at the Skyline Mansion.

 On Friday, the group will start with a tour of Black Wall Street,  including the Greenwood Rising museum. This will be followed up with a Q&A panel with some of Tulsa’s own. 

“We have people from Tulsa that are doing big work to have a conversation about the community, progression and black excellence,” said Wolf. The Q&A will then be followed by college presentations that will see the Dean of admissions from Stanford as well as representation from Langston and Tulsa Tech talk about things that high school students need to know,  such as the admissions process and scholarship applications for students.

The kickball game on Saturday will be the main event for their week. The kickball game will see the Town Business team take on the Tulsa Community Team. The teams will be made up of college and NFL players who mainly come from Tulsa.

“Tulsa’s home. I think a lot of people leave where they’re from and don’t look back at the town and don’t feel the same admiration that I know I feel for the town,” Wolf said when asked what the city of Tulsa meant to him. “ The Tulsa community is really thriving, I think there’s a lot of potential and momentum since the centennial last year.”

Saturday’s event marks the first annual kickball kickback as Town Business hopes to inspire many more to come.

“One of the major intentions we had when we began planning the event was wanting to build relationships with the community,” says Wolf.

Kesean Cleveland is an an intern at The Black Wall Street Times. He is a student at Langston University and was born and raised in Oklahoma City. Some of his favorite things include video games, his dog...