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Colin Kaepernick has spent the “past five years working out and staying ready in case an opportunity to play [in the NFL] presented itself.”

Now he’s getting the help of current NFL talent, like Tyler Lockett of the Seattle Seahawks, to show that he’s ready for an opportunity.

Last week, Kaepernick posted a video to his Twitter account showing the former QB working out doing passing drills with the caption “still working”.

The last time the public got a glimpse of Colin Kaepernick’s abilities was a botched workout put on by the NFL (something that’s never been done before for a free agent) in 2019. Kaepernick’s camp said the NFL orchestrated a workout as a public relations stunt destined to fail, while the league said it gave him a real chance to show off his skills — and he didn’t show up.

A total of 25 teams were supposed to attend the league’s workout run by two former head coaches at the Atlanta Falcons’ practice facility. Instead, Kaepernick ditched that workout and ended up throwing passes in front of representatives from eight NFL teams at his own event at a site 60 miles away.

Colin Kaepernick works out with NFL receiver Tyler Lockett

Colin Kaepernick tweeted out that he “missed throwing to professional route runners,” and threw out an invite to work with any receivers willing to work.

Tulsa native Tyler Lockett responded back, “let’s do it bro. Me and my brother will come run routes for you!”

Colin Kaepernick shared the Twitter exchange to his Instagram page saying that he would be going live on Instagram with the workout. 

This will be a great opportunity to show NFL scouts and executives his ability to throw to receivers at the highest level. No timeframe was given to what time the workout would be, but to see his Instagram page for more details, click here.

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