Climate Change is rocking America to its core this summer

by Ezekiel J. Walker
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Climate Change is rocking America to its core this summer
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This week, the United States experienced at least 6 natural disasters with even more on the rise over the hottest months of the year.

Edgar McGregor, Twitter user and Climatory senior at San Jose State University, followed the disasters one-by-one.

1 First, he noted a massive flash flood tore through Yellowstone National Park destroying roads and bridges.

Aerial video taken from a helicopter of a paved road, eroded and washed out in several places due to high water levels in adjacent river. On a video filmed by Yellowstone’s helicopter manager from a park helicopter, the road is clearly covered from a seemingly massive landslide.

2. Then, a powerful derecho swept through the Midwest with wind speeds of 80 miles an hour and torrential rainfall.

3 .Next, wildfires exploded across the desert southwest with fires in Arizona and New Mexico being fanned by high winds.

4. McGregor pointed out an ongoing disaster in the megadrought out west. Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States, is now at it’s lowest water level since it was filled nearly a century ago. Total water storage have fallen to 28% for the first time ever.

5. The oppressive heatwave setting temperature records across large swaths of our country is causing alarm for those unable to care for themselves and at risk of heat stroke.

6. Alaska wildfires have burned 995 sq. miles (2578 sq km) in the past week in @BLM_AFS analysis. The seasonal total to June 13 is already above the 30-year median total #wildfire area burned for the entire season.

So what is being done today to address climate change federally?

According to the White House, the Biden Administration has pledged to strengthen the Clean Energy Economy and Vice President Kamala Harris will launch PACC 2030, a U.S.-Caribbean Partnership to Address the Climate Crisis. Additionally, 100K CLIMA is equipping students with technical and linguistics skills to lead in a clean energy economy. And lastly, the administration will mobilize climate finance and connect with other global banks to collaboratively work to end the devastation that seems to only be getting worse by the day.

While these measures sound great in theory, the earth is showing us time for theories are up and unless consequential action is taken very soon, the world we know may never look the same again.


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