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The fundamental right for women to access a safe abortion has been overturned, inflicting enraged women and protests all over the country.

While many individuals believe it is a violation of their human rights, others like Congresswoman Mary Miller are satisfied with the change, as she referenced it as a “historic victory for white life.”

On June 25th, at a campaign rally with former president Donald Trump, she thanked Trump, while expressing her excitement over the overturn with the statement: “President Trump, on behalf of all the MAGA patriots in America, I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life in the Supreme Court yesterday.”

Mary Miller campaign backtracks on Roe statement

Isaiah Wartman, a campaign spokesperson, stated that Miller misspoke, “She very clearly meant to say ‘victory for Right to Life’” He further indicated, “To suggest that she is somehow not committed to defending all life is disgusting.”

However,  many Americans do not believe Wartman’s statement, thinking Miller meant what she said. One user tweeted, “In what universe does someone mix up ‘white life’ and ‘right to life’? There’s no Freudian slip here. Mary Miller said EXACTLY what she wanted to say, echoing Barrett’s sentiment for a domestic supply of ‘white’ babies.”

Miller’s rally with Trump comes a few days before she faces a primary election against Republican Rodney Davis. Ever since the Democrat-controlled state legislature redrew the Illinois district, both candidates have been pinned against one another. 

The candidate that emerges victorious from this primary is guaranteed a victory come November, since 68% of the new district’s voters selected Trump as president in 2020.

The campaign has been referenced as a test of the power of Trump’s endorsement. 

A history of ignorant comments

Miller was elected in 2020, but this is not the first time she has received backlash for something she stated.

After taking office in January 2021, she quoted Hitler in a speech, leaving many Americans speechless.

Following the lecture, she said, “I sincerely apologize for any harm my words cause and regret using a reference to one of the most evil dictators in history to illustrate the dangers that outside influences can have on your youth.”

With the mishap stated on Saturday and quoting Hitler, the road to being elected is challenging for Congresswoman Mary Miller.

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4 replies on “Rep. Mary Miller calls overturn of Roe a “Historic Victory For White Life” ”

  1. Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood was raped by a black man. She made it her life’s work to end the black race. All PP clinics were located in predominate black areas. No one seems to care though.

    Rep Mary Miller claims it was a slip of the tongue. What if it was not? In effect ROE overturn was a vindication of the Constitution righting a wrong. Even Ruth Bater Ginsburg said Roe was wrong and great defeat for Democracy.

    This was a great victory for white life, but also a great victory for black life. The victims of Roe were predominately black babies. Look up the statistics, literally black genocide and you all just ignore the facts because politics to you come before everything.

    There’s a reason God said no religious, political, or one supporting militarism will ever enter into heaven.

  2. as a white, twice trump voting man i find this statement despicable, counterproductive, and inaccurate. preventing someone from getting an abortion (with less difficulty) and instead bearing a child, especially with the majority of abortions via the morning after pill (available through the mail) is unlikely to produce many, especially white, children. but the attempt will alienate many who otherwise might be allies.

    and if one wants to reduce government control and get such decisions closer to the individual, read the tenth amendment properly: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” if any power is properly reserved “to the people” the right to an abortion is it.

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