Teenager Shot In The Face While Leaving Her Birthday Party
Photo courtesy of the Keys Family
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Breanna Keys, an 18-year-old high school student from Memphis, Tennessee, was shot in the face over the weekend, family says.

Just before 9:30 p.m. on Friday, Keys was shot by a stray bullet. Several vehicles at the scene of the shooting could be found with bullet holes. The teenager, who survived, had planned to pursue a nursing degree and go to school in the fall before the incident.

“She didn’t deserve none of this because she was an innocent bystander,”  Keys’ mother, Latrice Kennon said. “They were backing up. They made a left turn, and that’s when the shooting started happening out of nowhere.”

According to Kennon, both Keys and her boyfriend were shot while leaving her birthday party. Police have reported that a private vehicle took both Keys and her boyfriend to the hospital.

 While Keys’ boyfriend was listed in non-critical condition, Keys’ condition was much worse. Breanna Keys will be required to have multiple jaw surgeries according to her doctors. “She got wires all in her mouth, she’s missing five teeth, she got a trachea in her throat. No child should have to go through that,” Kennon told WREG.

Breanna Keys’ siblings were outside with her when the shooting happened. “My son called me,” Kennon said. “He’s in the house right now. He’s still shaken up, too. He’s 12. Then my little baby, she’s 3. She was out there.”

At the time of publishing of this article, the investigation is still ongoing as no arrests have been made according to police. “They need to get locked up, and they need to pay for what they done to my child,” Kennon said.

Kennon has said that Keys is now alert and stable. The family has set up donations for anyone willing to help with Breanna Keys recovery.:

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