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Rapper and singer Doja Cat shaves her hair and eyebrows and sports her new buzz cut on social media.

Throughout her career, Doja Cat has worn a variety of hairstyles, including pink and purple wigs, braided hairstyles, and mullets, but her latest look might be her most daring to date.

In addition to buzzing off her hair, she places shaving cream directly on her eyebrows and shaves them clean off while intense music plays in the background. 

That’s when some of her fans began losing their minds.

Such a drastic move has people worried about sis’s mental health and reminded us of the Waiting to Exhale scene when Bernadine began emotionally cutting her hair because her husband was leaving her for a White woman, or really, just leaving her period. 

But that’s a movie, and this is real life. People are concerned. We all remember what happened to Brittany Spears after she shaved her hair, which occurred after her break up to then pop sensation Justin Timberlake.

Doja Cat’s makeup artist even texted her, asking, “Are you shaving your brows off? I’m driving the f*ck over.” Doja laughingly replies, “I’m gonna do it.” 

Doja Cat Explains

However, the “Say So” singer explains her why on Instagram.

“I feel like I was never supposed to have hair,” she stated. “I don’t like having hair. I cannot tell you one time since the beginning of my life that I’ve ever been like, ‘This is cool.’ I just do not like to have hair,” Doja Cat explains. 

She then added, “I remember feeling so f*cking exhausted with working out…and I’d be wearing wigs, and they’d be getting tacky,” she said. “They’d re-tack because of the moisture, and then they’d start sliding and peeling off my head while I’m doing this incredibly strenuous thing. I’d be working out, but I couldn’t focus ’cause I was more concerned with how I looked and how my hair was doing. It’s just a f*cking nightmare, dude, I’m over it.”

While some see it as a possible cry for help, but others see it as a sense of liberation. Let’s not forget that Black women have been policed enough with their hairstyle decision-making. 

It appears Doja Cat has been thinking about this for a while. But the eyebrows, too? 

Other Celebrities who rocked a buzz cut

Doja Cat isn’t the only female artist to rock a buzz cut. Jessie J, Solange, Sinead O’connor, and Willow Smith are among a few celebrities who sported the look with pure confidence.


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  1. Why would anyone care what Doja Cat does or says? She’s a minor celebrity at best, and not overly talented. She’s more well known for her Internet scandals and catfights for anything she’s actually accomplished.

  2. I actually like what she said. She seems like someone I would be friends with and had good energy.

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