Michigan Casino Winner Alleges Bank Refused to Cash her Check
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Lizzie Pugh, a Michigan retiree, is now suing a Detroit Fifth Third bank after she alleges its employees refused to cash a check she received from a nearby casino.

Lizzie Pugh told CNN she won more than $12,000 on a slot machine at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, during a church outing earlier this year.

According to filed court documents, on April 11, 2022, Pugh went to Fifth Third Bank in Livonia, Michigan, to open a savings account and deposit her winning. Pugh’s complaint later alleges she was told by three White bank employees at Fifth Third Bank that the check was “fraudulent.”

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After being told the check was no good, Pugh says she was then forced to confront bank employees who initially refused to give her check back.

According to the complaint, Pugh asked the bank employees to call 911, refusing to exit without her check. Pugh then spoke with a third bank employee who also said the check was fraudulent and because of that the bank would not allow Pugh to open an account and deposit the check. Eventually the bank employees gave Pugh her check back.

Fifth Third Bank, N.A. and Fifth Third Financial Corporation provided an official response denying the allegations, including that their employee decided that the check was “fraudulent.” They also dispute that any events occurred that would warrant damages or other relief, according to the court filing.

Fifth Third Bank continues to stand by its employees in Livonia, Michigan, “From our review of the claims, we believe our employees’ actions have been misinterpreted. That said, we regret Ms. Pugh has come away feeling mistreated after her interactions at our branch, as our employees’ actions were consistent with our process and the dual goals of serving our customers while also preventing potential frauds that can victimize both the bank and our customers.”

Pugh states she was able to cash her winning check at another bank.

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